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“App Secret iPhone Security App offers a new way to protect your data!



Developer Quote:
“App Secret offers you a new way to protect your data and keep all the important information untouched. Use an array of lock options to securely protect the important data on your device and prevent unauthorized access.”







– Categories: Lifestyle, Safe, Storage, Universal, Utilities

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Privacy is a major concern to most people. If it’s not the government peering over your shoulder gathering personal information, it’s retailers, businesses, and, often times friends going through your phone! Much of the time you can’t help but divulge your personal information, but sometimes you can.

When you use App Secret, there are many ways in which you can safeguard the confidential nature of your photos, videos, notes, voice memos, reminders, contacts and more on your device.

Use App Secret to passcode protect your data using either a passcode lock, combination lock or even dot pattern lock style (which I actually prefer). Check out the features of this iPhone and iPad password protection storage app:



✔ Passcode Style

– Passcode lock style

– Combination lock style

– Dot pattern lock style for higher security


✔ Photos & Videos

– Create albums for your photos

– Passcode lock for individual album

– Photo Geotag and EXIF data viewing

– Take private photos and videos from within the app

– Easily import photos and videos from your photo library

– Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch

– Supports move, copy & paste


✔ Notes

– Passcode lock for individual folder

– Create and sort your notes by folder

– Supports move, copy & paste

– Search your notes


✔ Reminders

– Similar to iOS Reminders app

– Passcode lock for individual folder

– Supports move, copy & paste

– Search your reminders

– Set reminder priority


✔ Voice Memos

– Search by keyword

– Record and playback

– Rename, delete and share voice memo

– Open/close speaker


✔ Contacts

– Similar to iOS Contacts app

– Search by keyword

– New, delete and edit contact

– Batch importing contacts from address book

– Bach saving contacts to address book

– Share contact via vCard

– Supports most common contact fields and you can add custom fields


✔ Other

– Break-In report with image capture

– Fake password for decoy mode

– Easy to use interface

– Full Retina display support

– Developed for both iPhone and iPad so you only have to buy it once

– Compatible with iOS6 and iPhone 5


If you choose to write secret notes, you will have 4 ready-made folders from which to choose including Quick Notes, Homework, Idea and Work, or create your own folder. Tap the “+” to start writing your note, and later you can use the Sort function to sort by name or date in ascending or descending order. With the Contacts function, you may create a new contact or import one from your phone book.


These are the kind of personal data you want to protect from prying eyes – whether the curiosity of friends, kids or co-workers. The simplicity of the app and the clean outline make it easy to enter, edit or delete your information. Navigating the app is a pleasure and smooth sailing.
App Secret is definitely worth a look when you consider privacy a must!




19 Must Have essential apps for your iPhone!

Try out these 19
free apps for size: They are what we consider the essentials, the staples of
the iPhone app universe, the ones we don’t like to imagine our iPhones without.




(Sorry, no games
here, however, while your boss isn’t looking you should take a peek at Angry Birds, Bag
and The Creeps).





Check our our 19 favorite free apps for the iPhone below, then tell us
what we missed and what apps you can’t live without. Leave your
thoughts in the comments, or tweet them at us to @JonAndrewT!
















































































































Magic Guitar iPhone app, see VIDEO & download!


Your iPhone is now a whole new magical instrument. Just cradle your phone in
the palm of your hand like a guitar neck, and watch as beams of light approach
your fingertips. Now press and hold to hear each note, then SHAKE your phone to
bring your song to life. You won’t believe it ‘til you try it.



PLAY a note. SHAKE your phone. FEEL the
magic as the music responds to your slightest movement.

“Climb up the stairway to heaven or down the highway to hell” –
Venture Beat

“Smule’s latest musical brainchild” – TechCrunch



You control the notes, speed, guitar type, pitch and vibrato. Swipe your finger
across the screen to bend any note. Play it once, play it a hundred times, each
time is a unique experience that won’t get old.



Jam on your favorite rock, classical, folk and pop songs with your new magic
guitar – no practice necessary.

• Simply touch the beams of lights to play all styles of music, from soulful
jams to scorching shred.

• Express your creativity and shake your phone to create vibrato, or drag your
fingers to bend the pitch.

• Choose from different guitar sounds and speeds to make each song your own.

Magic Guitar’s songbook includes a huge catalog of legendary artists including:



-The Rolling Stones



-Fall Out Boy


-Bruno Mars

-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

-Blink 182



-Lady GaGa

-Lynyrd Skynyrd




-Credence Clearwater Revival

-Blue Oyster Cult

-Jason Mraz



…and many more!



We’re adding FREE songs every week so make sure to come back frequently!


**NOTE: Some users have reported issues with certain songs such as overly high
pitched notes. We are actively fixing these and your copy will update
automatically when they improve. Thanks for you patience and keep on jamming!












Share your best jams on the interactive Smule globe, or through Twitter,
Facebook or email.

• Hang out on the Smule globe and listen to other Magic Guitarists rocking out.

• Share the love – gift your friends any song from within the app to double the


Once you’ve mastered your new guitar, get rewarded for playing.

• Level up to unlock achievements and badges, earn new songs and make your way
to the top of the song leader boards.




#ScratchGate: iPhone 5 Owners finding that Aluminum Is Much Softer Than Glass!

New iPhone 5 owners are quickly discovering that there are some advantages, but there are some inherent downsides. The iPhone 5 hit stores last Friday, it is the lightest, thinnest, most sleek iPhone yet!

However, it is reported that because the slender iPhone 5 has an anodized aluminum back plate and since aluminum is a relatively soft material, (instead of one made of Corning glass as in the iPhone 4/4S), it is reported that the iPhone 5 shows more wear and tear than previous models. The iPhone 4 was a magnet for fingerprints. The iPhone 5 attracts scratches and scrapes about as easily.

Apple has long used the material for the colored iPods so the iPhone 5 isn’t Apples first device to employ anodized aluminum. They use the aluminum because the material is easy to work with and very light (compared to stainless steel).

Anodized aluminum can be painted nearly any color, it allows for a large range of color options. Available colors for the iPhone 5 are; black/grey and white/ (but remember this coating is only a few layers deep since is is in the first few layers of the metal, just a dye sitting in the top layers of the aluminum). Reportedly; since aluminum is a relatively soft metal the thin layer of paint can be penetrated pretty easily.

iFixit shows in the video below that the iPhone 5′s finish and how it can withstand keys or rings. You will see in the video that it scratches pretty easily. They note in the video that the iPhone 4 withstood the real-world scratch tests with ease!

Video link courtesy of iFixIt.com

New iphone 5 owners, please comment and let us know what your view is on this new material for the new iPhone5!

Best 5 iPhone Games + List of 25 Highest Rated iPhone Games & Apps – see Demo Videos

November 09 game ratings showed the first five games listed here are at the top of the heap. This monthly “best of” round-up summarizes the top rated games that we looked at in the previous month. Each game reviewed receives a 1-5 star rating relative to the other games from that month. Generally, a 3 or higher is considered a “good” rating.

These final scores are the games we would most recommend to others.

FREE Shipping at AccessoryGeeks.com!

November’s “5 Best iPhone Games” are highlighted here:

5 Stars


Soosiz – This is the best platforming game that we’ve played on the iPhone. It adopts the usual trappings of a traditional 2d platformer but perfectly mixes in a gravity defying mechanism that turns out to be a lot more than just a cute gimmick. Combine that with great controls and a ton of content, and you have one of our favorite iPhone games. (App Store)


Canabalt – This isn’t a particularly deep game. In fact, the average gaming session is probably measured in seconds rather than minutes. But with its simplicity and style, it managed to keep us coming back again and again throughout the month. You can try out the identical Flash version for free at Canabalt.com. ( App Store)

4.5 Stars


2XL ATV Offroad – We described this as a “console quality” iPhone racer. The game is technically impressive with beautiful graphics and manages to combine it with varied tracks, a proper career mode and Wi-Fi multiplayer to deliver one of the best racers in the App Store. ( App Store)


Boost 3D – We might not have been too over the top about the game when we first reviewed it, but over time we realized that Boost 3D is a game that we love to play. There’s something hypnotic about this tunnel runner that had us coming back to play it throughout the month. ( App Store)

And some highlights from the 4 star games from October which we also enjoyed quite a bit: DoomClassic, Hook Champ, Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered, and Super KO Boxing 2. The rest of

As always, we expect there will be some debate about relative scores,

keep in mind that everyone’s ratings vary based on individual tastes.

This next list is of the 25 Highest Rated

iPhone Games with the Demo Videos

BoOf Socks



Pet Playpen is an innovative iPhone app that allows you to play, feed, groom, and interact with five different pets!

You’ll never get tired of your pets and their adorable antics!

Pet Playpen features:

  • Interact with all of your pets and help them play with and use all of the available items. (Hint: These little rascals sure like their toys!)
  • Adopt up to 3 pets and choose from 5 cute types of pets (dog, cat, penguin, bunny, rock), each with its own individual personality.
  • Over 80 types of toy, food, and hygiene (washing and grooming) products available for your pets in the stores.


ooTunes Radio 2.0 ($4) from Oogli takes a very different tack: it is a more traditional aggregator and sorter of third-party Internet Radio streams, providing what might be called a network-savvy interface once you’ve tuned in a station. It provides you with access to nearly 8000 different channels, sortable by genre, country, or U.S. city, then looks up album art, artist, and song details for whatever’s playing. If it succeeds in finding those details, it then tries to provide lyrics, cross-reference a list of similar tracks using Last.FM, and offer you multiple options for purchasing the song or a full album containing it—in digital download or CD form from Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, CDUniverse, Half.com, and Secondspin. Additionally, if you’re willing to buy a $20 program called the ooTunes Media Server for your Mac, PC, or Linux machine, ooTunes can stream your iTunes and other media libraries directly from your computer to your device while you’re on the go—a feature that some users may find worth the $24 total price of admission.


TakeA Note

Almost eerily identical to Evernote, the opening user menu of Take a Note gives you options to add a text note, an audio note, a drawing note, and a photo note. All notes that are created on the iPhone are editable, sortable, and searchable. WiFi access gives you the option to transfer notes to and from your computer or other wireless enabled sources. Notes can be emailed directly from the program and the app uses your contacts list to add recipients.

Viper Smart Start iPhone App Remotely Unlocks, Starts Cars

Last week, developers released an application that promises to remotely unlock, start and warm your car from almost anywhere in the world. Called Viper SmartStart, the app was launched earlier this week by Directed Electronics, a vehicle security and remote start systems designer, and can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App store.







iPhone Apps for AOL Users, AIM,AOLRadio,Moviefone&Truveo

  Apps for iPhone and iPod touchNow with push notifications, AIM connects you with your friends and family instantly. The new Lifestream feature lets you stay on top of what your AIM buddies are doing by allowing you to add a variety of accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.AIM Support AOL Website  

AOL iphone Apps Info

AOL has many free apps to help you get the most from your iPhone™ or iPod® touch, including AIM, AOL® Radio powered by CBS Radio, Moviefone, Truveo video search and more.




Press the Get Started Now Button below,

AOL iphone Apps Info2

the screen shown below will open and you can get what you need there!

AOL iphone Apps Info4

1AOL iPhone

Get it at the app store!


Stealthtype iPhone app,allows users to type a complete and accurate message without looking at phone

Cleverlike Corporation, an emerging application inventor, has announced the availability of a new iPhone app that allows users to type a complete and accurate message without looking at the phone or speaking to it. The app, StealthType SMS, uses a creative new text entry system designed to eliminate the visual attention required to type on a touchscreen device such as Apple’s iPhone. StealthType SMS can be downloaded from the iTunes app store immediately for just $0.99 USD.

Since touchscreen devices are perfectly smooth, until StealthType it has been virtually impossible to use the iPhone’s input keyboard effectively without looking at the screen. By using your headphones, auxiliary output or phone speaker, the voice guidance in StealthType eliminates the need to look at the screen while still offering the ability to type with 100% accuracy.

StealthType SMS features include:
* Unique “StealthType” technology for navigating the app and typing without looking at device or speaking to it
* Male or female voices (real, professional voice recordings)
* QWERTY or ABC keyboard layouts
* Send to Clipboard option for iPod touch and iPhone users
* Customizable contact list for initiating SMS messages
* Stealthy design that emits low light levels for discreet use day or night

StealthType SMS is the first app from Cleverlike featuring their StealthType technology. This particular app streamlines the SMS (text messaging) process on the iPhone to nearly eliminate the need to look at the screen in order to send a text message. Cleverlike launched this initial app to aid in texting while driving the development of more apps using StealthType. New apps featuring this technology are currently in development. With mobile phone usage so integral in our daily lives, the StealthType technology aims to make it safer to use the iPhone in scenarios that require focused visual attention.

Pricing and Availability:
StealthType SMS 1.1 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide for the iPhone and iPod touch exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

iPhone 1Password Pro App- A bargain at $7.99!

If you have been looking for a solid and secure password manager app for your iPhone, this is your chance to grab a high quality app for a very reasonable price.

1Password Pro is one of the best password manager app for the iPhone. It sells for $7.99 and has been the publicized along with the release of 1Passoword 3 for Mac. (See demo video below)









FEATURE LIST (from iTunes)

  • (pro) Special easy switching mode allows you to quickly copy-and-paste usernames and passwords to Mobile Safari.
  • (pro) Support for copying multiple field values (for example, both username and password) from 1Password to Mobile Safari.
  • (pro) Folders for better organization (in this version a desktop application required – sold separately)
  • (pro) Features coming soon: Favorites, MobileMe/WebDAV syncing, and more.
  • Securely store your website names and passwords so you never forget them again
  • Save important information like credit cards and membership numbers
  • Jot down other notes too sensitive for stickies or bar napkins
  • Synchronize it all with 1Password for Mac via Wi-Fi (sold separately, available at http://1password.com)
  • Automatically log into Web sites on iPhone and iPod touch to avoid remembering and typing usernames and passwords
  • Hardware-accelerated AES encryption and Auto-Lock keep your data protected even if your iPhone is lost or stolen
  • All cryptographic operations are performed using standard iPhone libraries to ensure there are no security gaps or backdoors
  • Two-layer defense with Unlock Code and Master Password to combine security and convenience
  • Data Backup & Restore option available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Download it and give it a try. You will see for yourself it is worth the $7.99!

Availability: App Store [iTunes link]

price: $7.99