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15 great uses for iPhone GPS

Clever apps that make the most of your phone’s location features

Travelers used to need a guidebook, map, local newspaper, and much more just to cover the basics of getting around an unfamiliar city. Today, location-aware apps on the iPhone can not only replace all your city guides, they can do a better job of helping you interact with the world around you-whether you’re just in town for the weekend or you’ve lived there your whole life. Continue reading

11 ways to sync your data with an iPhone

How to access files, notes, to-dos, and even your Mac from the road

Control your Mac

You need to start a backup but you’re miles away from your Mac? Much as you can control another Mac using Leopard’s Screen Sharing feature, you can control a Mac from your iPhone. The means for doing so is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client such as ReadPixel’s $7 RemoteTap . A VNC client places a tiny version of a Mac’s display on the iPhone’s screen, which you can control by dragging and tapping.

Put your Mac desktop on your iPhone with Remote Tap


Because your remote Mac is doing the work, you can also use your VNC client to send yourself documents or view files that otherwise would not display on the iPhone. Just open the file remotely on your Mac and use the stretch gesture to enlarge and view it.

  • $4.99
  • Category: Utilities
  • Updated: Sep 02, 2010
  • Current Version: 4.2
  • 4.2
  • Size: 1.2 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Dirk Lembens
  • © 2010 ReadPixel

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. *3G works just video refresh is slow so not possible to stream video and sound could be better but i can play poker on the major sites relatively easy

* I’m very happy that after months without an update RemoteTap has received two recent updates. I hope progress continues. This is a very handy app.

Access your files from afar

FarFinder lets you browse your Mac’s folders via the Web.


If you don’t need to control your Mac, but you do want to be able to grab files from it, Flying Mac’s $35 FarFinder is a better alternative to a VNC client. FarFinder lets you use a Web browser (a free iPhone application awaits Apple approval) to navigate your Mac in a Finder-like view-far easier than trying to fit your Mac’s entire screen on your iPhone’s tiny display. You can e-mail files to yourself, or in some cases even view files (images and PDFs, for example) in the browser. But keep in mind that your computer has to be turned on for this to work.

Send files to your iPhone

Before you head off to that important business meeting, you want to make sure you have the company’s latest sales figures and competitive analysis at your fingertips. In the days before the App Store existed, there wasn’t an easy way to stash files on your iPhone and view them. Now you have several options.

To move files from your Mac to your iPhone over a local wireless network, try Magnetism Studios’ $5 FileMagnet . FileMagnet will also let you view iPhone-compatible files-though you can’t edit them. Keep in mind that for these files to be viewable on the iPhone, their names must have the appropriate extension-.jpg or .doc, for example.


Sync your files to SugarSync’s servers and they’re available to your iPhone and other computers.


If you want to share a document with other Macs as well as with your iPhone, or if you like the concept of instantaneous access, turn your attention to Sharpcast’s SugarSync. The online service expands the concept of push data-Apple’s MobileMe, for example, will “push” contacts, calendars, and e-mail to your iPhone-to include documents and media files. You simply upload files to SugarSync’s servers via the SugarSync Manager application installed on your Mac, and those files become available to other computers and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. Install the free SugarSync iPhone app and you have nearly immediate access to those files. You can view iPhone-compatible files as well as stream MP3 and AAC audio files. Pricing starts at 10GB of storage for about $2.50 a month.

Sneak files off your iPhone

Want to turn the tables and copy files from your iPhone-including call logs, SMS messages, media files, and notes? Ecamm Network’s $20 PhoneView is the way to do this. When you plug your iPhone into your Mac, PhoneView launches and lets you browse some of the contents of your phone. Find an item you want and click on Copy From iPhone to move it to your Mac. This is handy for restoring your music files if a dead hard drive kills your iTunes library. The program also lets you create folders on the iPhone for storing your files (you can’t access these files on the iPhone-they’re for the purpose of storage only).


Sync with multiple calendars

With Google’s Calaboration tool, a Google calendar, and iCal, you can sync a shared calendar with multiple Macs and iPhones.


Keeping events in sync between multiple people using multiple Macs and iPhones is no easy feat. The secret is to create an iCal-compatible Google calendar.

To do this, set up a Google calendar and use the online tools to share it with your family members or coworkers. On each Mac that needs access to the calendar, download the free Google Calaboration-yes, it’s spelled that way-and select the Google calendars you wish to synchronize with iCal. Now when you add or edit events with this calendar in either iCal or Google Calendar, those events are updated for everyone subscribed to it. To keep the iPhones in sync, simply configure them in iTunes to sync to this iCal calendar.

Push around your Google data

If you keep your contacts, e-mail, and calendars in Google’s apps and want that data pushed to your iPhone, check out Google Sync. Once you set up a Google Sync account, changes to your Google contacts, calendars, and e-mail will immediately sync with your iPhone and your computer. What’s more, the service is free-unlike the $99 MobileMe account that Apple requires for its push service.

Sync notes and to-dos

At the moment, Apple doesn’t offer any way of syncing data from the iPhone’s Notes app or to-dos from iCal on the Mac. Although Apple has promised to offer a way to sync notes in the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software update (no word yet on to-dos), there’s no need to wait. If you’ve been as frustrated by this forehead-slappingly-obvious omission as we are, forget iCal and Notes; the key to this particular magic trick lies elsewhere.

Keep It Online As long as you usually have a good Internet connection, one workable alternative to syncing is to use an online service. RememberTheMilk, Toodledo, and Google’s Gmail offer free online to-do lists you can access from Safari on your iPhone or from any browser on your Mac. (The first two sites also support notes.) To set this up in Gmail, go to your Gmail settings screen, click on the Labs tab, and enable Tasks. Tasks will appear in the normal Gmail screen on your Mac; to view them on your iPhone, browse to http://gmail.com/tasks.

Keep track of important tasks no matter where you are with To Do


Sync via the Web If you prefer to keep your notes and to-dos in an iPhone app that’s accessible even when you’re offline, you have several options. Appigo’s $10 Todo and Toodledo’s own $4 iPhone app both offer powerful to-do-list features-including notes-and sync with Toodledo.com. If tasks are less important to you, you can save money by going with Appigo’s $5 Notebook, which works similarly but focuses on notes. Unfortunately, none of these services syncs with iCal, so you’ll need to manage your to-do lists via the service’s Web site while at your Mac.

Skip the Web To forego a Web browser altogether, you’ll need a program that has both iPhone and Mac versions. Ross Tulloch’s $4 SyncBook syncs notes between the two platforms. On the Mac, notes appear as text files that you can edit in TextEdit. For advanced task- and project-management, Cultured Code’s Things (iPhone version, $10; Mac version, $50) is an attractive and easy-to-use program that includes schedules, priorities, tags, and notes; the iPhone and Mac versions automatically sync over your local network.

Fool the iPhone If you’re determined to sync notes without any outside help, try disguising your notes as something else. In Address Book, create a new contact and place your text in the contact’s Notes field. Mark it as a business and give it a useful name. Address Book on your Mac will reflect changes you make on the iPhone, and vice versa. The downside, of course, is that you have to manage your notes using contacts, but with some clever naming you can keep notes grouped together at the beginning or end of your contacts list.

Other great apps include:

Jaadu VNC and Logmein

to “send files to your iPhone” (even “from” the iPhone, by email, in some cases) :

Files Light, Files pro

Mobile Files

Quickoffice files

Fileaid with DiskAid on the Mac




Memory Stick

Flash Drive

File sync


Print and share

Mobile Studio

Evernote, (free on iPhone and the Mac )

6 Fun iPhone Animal Apps to Get Kids Reading and Learning

If you own an iPhone, and you also have toddlers or kids who are about to enter school, put the iPhone and the kids together with some of the apps listed below to keep the kids busy as they prepare themselves for school.

The list below is separated by categories, and each app is listed alphabetically under those categories to show that we do not favor one app over another. The links lead to reviews about the apps or to the businesses that created the apps. This way, you can learn more about the apps before you download them.

While many of the apps listed below are free, some cost anywhere from $0.99 to under $4.00. Also, the reviews can help you learn whether the app truly is age-appropriate for your child.

1. ABC Animals Teaches Kids to Write Using iPhone

ABC Animals is a clever application because it can be used by children across a large age range. I’m not sure if the developers at Critical Matter intended this. But, I’ve found it can be used by children as young as 18 months, up to as old as seven – depending on their level of development. And, given the rate at which children grow and develop during the first 7 years of their life this a decent achievement.

The application supports children to learn their ABCs. A child is able to flick through iPhone cards from A-Z. Each card has the letter in upper and lowercase and a cartoon picture of an animal that begins with that letter. (Geek sensibilities are catered for a “D” is sometimes represented by a dragon).

Young children can simply flick through look at the pictures and repeat the letters and words. While older children, by double tapping the screen can flip the card over to examples of how the letters are written. Then, using their finger or a iPhone pen they can trace the letter, just like they do in school learning to write.

This second aspect of the application has a lot of potential; my only qualm is that the double tap feature is not offered in any form of instructions in the application. I discovered it by accident.   I love the fact the letters are sitting on “lined paper” graphics and the clear directives on how to write letters had me imagining school classrooms full of children with iPhones (a high tech return to the “chalk and slate” that our grandparents used).

ABC Animals could do with some options and instructions. Still, it offers ABC activities for young children right through their development.

Though, the developer’s images are poorly targeted at kids. I think the images suit children aged 8+. The eyes of the animals look like they belong on Bratz dolls and to better engage younger children they could use much simpler graphics

Still, another fine app, once a few refinements are made. Worth the $2.99 price at iTunes because it can be used by children of different ages and stages.

Wired: An iPhone App that supports child literacy from 18 months to 7 years.

Tired: Need instructions and the images aren’t the best for younger children.

Seen any good iPhone Apps for young children recently? Let us know in the comments (below the articles).

Animal Match Kids is a fun filled memory match game for kids of all ages. Improve/test your kids memory skills by matching pairs of cute and friendly animals.

Features:- Cute and friendly animals graphics.

– 26 available cards.

– 4 difficulty levels (6, 12, 20, 30).

– Very Easy level with just 6 cards for kids just learning.

– Adorable animals.

– Cute animations.

– Fun and challenging matching pairs gameplay.

1 kidsanimalgames_1

3. AnimalSays is memory game for kids and all ages.

AnimalSays is memory game for kids and all ages. Just like Simon

Tap the animal in the order the animal call.

Fun and educational for the whole family.

– Animals dog, cat, elephant, lion, duck, sheep, horse, and pig

– High Score

– OpenFeint for online high scores & achievements.

– How many can you memorize?


4. Dex ABC Animals flash cards

Camdiloo media’s Dex ABC Animals flash cards is one of a series of educational applications developed for the iPhone, designed with toddlers and pre-school children in mind. As parents, we have all witnessed the attraction the iPhone holds for young kids. As designers, their goal is to combine educational tools with the iPhone’s interface, and to merge that with a high emphasis on quality, mindful designs. Flash cards are a wonderful learning tool for young children and they bring hours of enjoyment and educational benefits. Inspired by traditional, familiar card layouts, their flash cards combine bold colors, large simple alphabet letters and custom illustrations to bring the flash card concept to life. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a corresponding animal, helping to teach your toddler ABCs, animal names, first sight words, upper- and lower-case letterforms, and the pronunciation of letters and the animal names.They have kept the interface and overall touch-screen experience simple and intuitive, so children of all ages can navigate the cards. With a simple “tap”, the card flips, while a “slide” of the finger advances to the next card. They have also included some custom settings which allow the deck of flash cards to be shuffled and restacked, among other features.

They have enjoyed creating this application and have been motivated by watching the excitement level of their own children increase during the development process. 

Languages: English

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 software update


5. Landleben Shows Kids Farm Life on iPhone

Florian “Utsi” Martin announced Monday Landleben 1.0, a children’s game for the iPhone that allows to experience farm life. The game presents kids with a 360 degree picture with various farm animals. The art and imagery was developed by Lee Barlage, a German-based illustrator for children’s books.

Tapping on different elements within that picture presents kids the appropriate animations and sounds. The game includes a counter that keeps track of how many sounds and animations have been discovered.

The game is priced at US$.99, and is available on the iTunes store.


6.Landleben, a charming barn adventure for toddlers and families

For your iPhone or iPod touch.

Inside a little bouncing barn, friendly farm animals are waiting to pop out and surprise your little one. Try and guess who they are; tap the doors to find out!

Work with your child to learn the names of animals — in English or Spanish — and hear the sounds they make! Younger children will love opening the barn doors to find a new animal animation, as they learn about cause and effect and become familiar with animal names and sounds. Preschoolers will enjoy guessing animals by sound, then seeing the animal names, which helps them develop early literacy skills. And everyone will adore the illustrations by Divya Srinivasan, whose work is regularly featured in the New Yorker.

Peekaboo Barn was made for you and your toddler by artists and educators, not marketers, robots, or companies repackaging clip art. Our team has backgrounds in cognitive science and child development, and we’ve worked in educational media everywhere from Yahoo! to the Smithsonian Institution.

When you could really use a safe distraction — in airports, restaurants, and waiting rooms — or you’d like to try something new with your little genius, Peekaboo Barn is the educational, artful solution. Enjoy!


23 Useful & Amazing iPhone apps help you with shopping, chatting, reading & even refilling gas & more!

iPhone needs no introduction.Apple’s iPhone has passed Motorola’s Razr to become the top consumer phone in USA.

Today I am going to tell you not 5, not 10 but 23 exciting and useful iPhone apps to help you with shopping, chatting, reading and even refilling gas and much more.

1. List Your Shopping Items with One Trip Shopping List


Do you forget about shopping items and come home missing two or three of them just to curse and go back again? Isn’t it pretty annoying to list things in a paper and take it out inside a sophisticated shopping mall?

This One Trip Shopping List bring you a simple and ingenious interface for quickly organizing and building a shopping list. It’s simple, and any iPhone user should find it incredibly useful.

2. Chat with Your Buddies through Piblictivity iPhone Chat


Are you a crazy chatter? The iPhoneChat web application lets you log into AIM, view your contacts, and handle tabbed chats. Go to the site using the link above and click on the See It In Action link – then click on the “Chat” folder on the page that opens to see the demo video.

Again if you need to log into different web messengers, you can try meebo.

3. Read your e-books through Google Reader with iPhone Feeds App


Are you a keen bookworm? And find your laptop too big an application to roam around with and read at leisure? Then iPhone app Feeds is just the right gadget for you as google has officially released beta version for iPhone google reader. Note: Click on the google Reader link above, you must have a google sign on name and password to login and use Google Reader.

This new version is designed to offer many of the same features as the desktop, while making it quick and easy to act on items.

4. Read and Edit Your Office Documents through iZoho


Do you want to edit a Microsoft document from iPhone? or say have some last minute inputs in Excel sheet. You can now do it from iZoho.

iiZoho bring in Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho Show. The iPhone can display PDFs, Word docs, and Excel spreadsheets, but with Zoho’s tools you can actually edit some of them.

To which, an iPhone lover had to say,

“SWEET. i don’t know why i’d ever need to make a spreadsheet or write a doc on my iPhone, but i love knowing that i CAN.”

cute and true, lol.

5. Find and Refill Gas from Gas.app


Are you in need of Gas and can not find a station? And even if you do from the maps, you can not locate where exactly?

Give iPhone Gas.app your zip code. Not only do you get a quick overview of the offerings, but you can also click the station to get a Google Map view. It integrates with Google Maps too well. Nice app.

6. Read All the Headlines of Today’s News from iActu


Do you leave early for office? Possibility is you miss out on morning news. What if your iPhone supplies that and from the newspaper you wanna read?

iActu provides a really cool newsstand interface for popular news outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. Not only is the homepage cool, but browsing headlines is also resized for optimal viewing.

7. Dig Your News up through iDigg


Those who are familiar with digg, don’t need any reason to dig for.Get all the latest news, views and buzz through the really nice iPhone app for digg. It works pretty well.

8. Click and Flick your Photos through iFlickr


Do you love clicking and sharing your photos? Is it too uncool to go to a tour with office laptop. So how will you put your snaps on internet? iFlickr does it with ease.

I wonder why didn’t Flickr think of any iPhone optimized app yet, but anyway, you can do it through an efficient app named iFlickr.

9. Know Movie Show Times through goMovies


Wanna go for a movie with your date and don’t know which movie to go to? Don’t run around for telephone directory or call up your friends. To save you from embarrassment, goMovies is here.

goMovies provides a nice interface for looking up movie showtimes from movie site Fandango by zip code. Though, more such optimized and new apps are created in this segment.

10. Cook Your Ways to Reach the Hearts through Cookbooks


Wanna surprise your spouse or children with new recipes but can not find one? Well, cooking books are as obsolete as yahoo search engines. So what do you do?

Cooking web site 101 Cookbooks has created an iPhone interface for searching for recipes on the go with your iPhone. Find it here

11. Read Anything and Everything through Reader


If you buy e-books and are an avid reader, then ereader is for you. Very simple application. To read a book you simply tap on the title in your Bookshelf and then flick across the page from right to left to turn the page or the other way to turn it back. Those fond of ereaders should try this on iPhone as well.

12. Capture Everything for Ever through Evernote


Evernote is an incredible application that lets you capture text, photo, and audio notes on the iPhone that are synced to the server.

The real power is in the recognition engine they use that can even find text in photos you capture so you will never forget anything again (thus the elephant icon). A free account will let you upload 40MB of data a month while a premium account (US$45/year or US$5/month) will let you upload 500MB/month. They provide a stronger security via SSL and you also get priority image recognition.

13. Keep Track of Your Bank Account through SplashMoney


Need to do a transaction while you are on the way with no internet or bank at sight? If it is very important, then you are saved, thank SplashMonkey.

This new iPhone application has all functionalities that a modern day e-banking software have, with an even easier interface. Use it to monitor your checking and credit card account and also enter transactions on the go.

14. Tune Yourself with Music through Pandora


Do you love listening to music? Online music is on its way to future. and Pandora (internet raidio) is just another feature to it.

Pandora is an app that not only lets you listen to music (which works wonderfully with iPhone 3G) but also you can bookmark it online to get more information on the song and also you can give a thumps up to add it to your preference. Moreover, you can skip through the current playlist to listen to your desired songs.All on feather touch. Thanks Apple.

15. Help Yourself with Google Mobile App


When you get Google and Apple collaborating under one roof, that is the height of facilities.

The Google Mobile App gives you something like Silverlight on the iPhone with the ability to quickly find web pages, business listings, phone contacts, and more with a smart filter methodology that lists relevant search results as you enter text. Makes your browsing easier.

16. Get All the Information from Your Locale through Express


Need a weather report before going for a long drive on a cloudy day? Did your favorite baseball team play today? Wanna know the score? Even if you are on street. express arranges it.

17. Increase Your Social Networking through Facebook and Twitter

Two of the most popular modern social networking sites let you hook to iPhone and understand the world.

Twitterific is a wonderful application for twitter


Facebook has made an application of theirs esp for Apple iPhone.


So all what you need, iPhone has it.

18. Connect Your Wi-Fi through Jiwire Wi-Fi Finder


Connecting to the Internet using Wi-Fi almost always delivers dramatically better performance. On-the-go JiWire helps you locate wireless hotspots around the world. Simply type in a location or zip code, and you’ll get a list of free and/or paid networks nearby.

19. Chat with Anyone in Any Damn Messenger Through MUNDU


DO you find iChat too restricted because it gives you only one option i.e. to chat in AIM? What if I offer you one that has not one or two but four prime messenger services in a very easy-to-use interface.


Mundu allows users to chat using AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Google’s GTalk through a clean and intuitive tabbed interface (one tab for login/logout of each service, one for contacts, and one for chats).

20. List Any Job through Listingly


Forgetful people are not selectively so. They don’t only forget shopping items. If One trip shopping list was too much for a single application then have many under one roof just like Mundu did for messengers.

Listingly is a great online list manager that now offers an iPhone web application. Listingly can be used to create to-do lists, grocery lists, wish lists, and freestyle lists.

Listingly can also group items into categories (in fact, Grocery lists are smart lists that group similar items together automatically).

21. Search and Organize your Apps through uPhoneHome


The two biggest challenges to taking advantage of the various iPhone applications are finding them and organizing them. uPhoneHome helps you do both.

Using an interface similar to the iPhone’s home screen, it provides icons/links to a large selection of iPhone applications. You can sort the list by date and category to help you find specific types of applications or to find new applications that have recently been released.

When you launch an application from uPhoneHome, your favorites are displayed, along with a home icon to return to uPhoneHome in a frame at the top edge of Safari’s display for easy access.

So all you appz freak iPhone users, don’t worry from now on.

22. Whistle or Hum To Get the Song through Midomi SoundHound – the ultimate mobile music search experience:


  • Just hold your iPhone up to a speaker, and SoundHound names the tune in as little as five seconds!
  • It even works if you sing or hum the melody, or if you do it while an iPod song plays – no more title or artist confusion for your iPod songs.
  • Instant lyrics and lyrics text search for most songs – whether you find the song with Midomi SoundHound or have it in your iPod.
  • The world’s first ever combined “My Music” and online search: when your SoundHound search results match a song in your iPod library, you’ll see an iPod icon right there to play your own version.
  • Charts of the hottest songs, just grabbed songs, and SoundHound’s much-anticipated “Underplayed” list.
  • Groundbreaking new design with instant access to previews, bios, top songs and YouTube videos.
  • Sharing on email, Facebook and Twitter.
With SoundHound’s search and music browsing, you and your friends will get in touch with music like never before.
  • “This is amazing.” The New York Times’ David Pogue
  • “…could save your sanity.” Don Lemon, CNN
  • Time magazine top 11 iPhone apps
  • *#1 in “Ten of the Best iPhone Apps.” -The Sunday Times (UK)
Download SoundHound, powered by Melodis’ own Sound2Sound Search Science.

23. Change Your iPhone to an Universal Remote with Red Eye

With the RedEye system you can use your iPhone or iPod touch to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD player, and many other devices that receive standard (infrared) signals. In other words, no more hunting through your sofa cushions for all those different remotes – all the control you need is right in your pocket.

  • Personal. Each person in your house can use her own iPhone or iPod touch as a controller, and more than one controller can interact with your gear simultaneously.
  • Simple. One touch launches any activity – watch TV, listen to music, play a video. And custom screen layouts for each activity mean you never have to hunt for the right button.
  • Smart. Multi-touch gestures for common functions, free software upgrades delivered through iTunes, the ability to control different rooms from anywhere in the house – all cheaper than other universal remotes.

There are plenty of other applications for iPhones. But I discussed some of the most important and useful ones. I hope you liked the idea. For any query or suggestion, write to me.

[Thanks to lifehacker, blogs.zdnet, informationIT and laptopmag ]

10 Great iPhone Apps for Beer Lovers

Ales, stouts, porters, pilsners… so many beers, too little time. To help you navigate this vast and varied world of beer, you can always turn to your iPhone. There are plenty of beer apps available on iTunes — everything from beer games to reference guides — even apps that attempt to measure your levels of drunkenness.

iphone beer image

iPhone wielding beer enthusiasts can rejoice over the following apps to satisfy your malty, hoppy and lager-induced desires.  After all, there’s nothing like cracking open a frosty brew at the end of a long day –- or simulating it.

1. iBeer

ibeer image

iBeer is one of those fun apps that doesn’t really do anything but entertain. It simulates a pint of beer that you can jostle and drink. With five different beers to choose from, the visual of tipping the glass (iPhone) back and seeing the liquid disappear is strikingly real. The loud burp at the end is an added bonus. No beer-related apps list would be complete without this popular one.

Cost: $0.99

2. Gallagher’s Beer Guide

beer guide image

This app is a fantastic resource for a beer novice or one who wants to learn more about different brews. Divided into 12 categories, including brown ales, stouts and porters, and IPAs, Gallagher’s Beer Guide provides you with information on taste characteristics, popular choices within each category, and related styles.

Cost: $0.99

3. Guinness Pub Finder

guinness image

There’s something unmistakably refreshing about a nice, cold Guinness. The dark, chocolaty and rich beer has its devout following, enough to spawn an iPhone app dedicated to finding exactly where this draught is served. Another fun feature of this app is its “Six Steps to Creating the Perfect Pint” lesson.

Note: Unfortunately, residents in AK, AZ, GA, HI, IN, KT, MO, OH, PA, TX and WV will find that this app does not work due to specific state laws related to alcohol advertising.

Cost: $1.99

4. iBeers Pro

iBeers Pro image

With more than 2,700 varieties listed in this app, iBeers Pro is like a who’s who of beer. Each beer lists the country of origin, brewer, type of beer and bottle size, as well as user ratings and an ability to add it to your favorites list. This is a good app to have for adventurous beer drinkers who like to go beyond the brews they’re familiar with. This app also comes in a Lite version for $1.99 and the regular iBeers version for $2.99.

Cost: $3.99

5. BeerCloud

BeerCloud Image

If $3.99 is a little too steep and you’d rather get the information for free, BeerCloud is a good alternative. Although not as comprehensive as iBeers Pro, BeerCloud does offer the ability to search for beers, as well as determine where, via GPS tracking, a particular beer of choice is available near you.

Cost: FREE

6. Beer Match: Beer, Food & Cheese Pairings

Beer Match Image

Do you know what kind of beer goes best with Cajun food? How about lamb chops? If not, Beer Match can help you. By pairing 31 styles of beer with more than 500 different kinds of foods (including cheeses), you can instantly find out if the pale ale or the stout is the better choice when planning your menu.

Cost: $0.99

7. Drink Fit

Drink Fit Image

They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing. As tasty as it is, you can quickly pack on the pounds if beer is consumed in excess. Drink Fit is a great app that provides users with full nutritional information for more than 1,600 drinks (including beer, cocktails, wine) and also offers a “My Night” feature where users can tally their caloric consumption for one evening of drinking. It’s a great app for anyone who is conscious about their dietary intake.

Cost: $1.99

8. Find Craft Beer

Find Craft Beer Image

If big name beers don’t do it for you and you seek more of an off-the-beaten path microbrew, then this is a perfect app. Find Craft Beer uses GPS tracking to locate brew pubs, breweries, beer bars, beer stores and homebrew stores near you. The settings function enables you to select from any or all of these types of locations to identify the nearest locale to get a tasty microbrew.

Cost: $0.99

9. iBrewMaster

iBrewmaster image

For more ambitious beer drinkers who like to make their own brews, iBrewMaster is a comprehensive app that takes home brewers through the whole process. The app comes with 50 recipes and also enables users to keep thorough track of multiple batches that are being brewed at the same time.

Cost: $4.99

10. Happy Houred

Happy Houred Image

Who doesn’t like a good Happy Hour? This app scours local bars in your area to find any happy hour specials near you. Happy Houred currently offers search functionality in approximately 700 cities in the U.S. but is predominantly user-generated, so new bars and happy hour specials are constantly being added.

Cost: FREE

“App Secret iPhone Security App offers a new way to protect your data!



Developer Quote:
“App Secret offers you a new way to protect your data and keep all the important information untouched. Use an array of lock options to securely protect the important data on your device and prevent unauthorized access.”







– Categories: Lifestyle, Safe, Storage, Universal, Utilities

Download link at bottom of post



Privacy is a major concern to most people. If it’s not the government peering over your shoulder gathering personal information, it’s retailers, businesses, and, often times friends going through your phone! Much of the time you can’t help but divulge your personal information, but sometimes you can.

When you use App Secret, there are many ways in which you can safeguard the confidential nature of your photos, videos, notes, voice memos, reminders, contacts and more on your device.

Use App Secret to passcode protect your data using either a passcode lock, combination lock or even dot pattern lock style (which I actually prefer). Check out the features of this iPhone and iPad password protection storage app:



✔ Passcode Style

– Passcode lock style

– Combination lock style

– Dot pattern lock style for higher security


✔ Photos & Videos

– Create albums for your photos

– Passcode lock for individual album

– Photo Geotag and EXIF data viewing

– Take private photos and videos from within the app

– Easily import photos and videos from your photo library

– Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch

– Supports move, copy & paste


✔ Notes

– Passcode lock for individual folder

– Create and sort your notes by folder

– Supports move, copy & paste

– Search your notes


✔ Reminders

– Similar to iOS Reminders app

– Passcode lock for individual folder

– Supports move, copy & paste

– Search your reminders

– Set reminder priority


✔ Voice Memos

– Search by keyword

– Record and playback

– Rename, delete and share voice memo

– Open/close speaker


✔ Contacts

– Similar to iOS Contacts app

– Search by keyword

– New, delete and edit contact

– Batch importing contacts from address book

– Bach saving contacts to address book

– Share contact via vCard

– Supports most common contact fields and you can add custom fields


✔ Other

– Break-In report with image capture

– Fake password for decoy mode

– Easy to use interface

– Full Retina display support

– Developed for both iPhone and iPad so you only have to buy it once

– Compatible with iOS6 and iPhone 5


If you choose to write secret notes, you will have 4 ready-made folders from which to choose including Quick Notes, Homework, Idea and Work, or create your own folder. Tap the “+” to start writing your note, and later you can use the Sort function to sort by name or date in ascending or descending order. With the Contacts function, you may create a new contact or import one from your phone book.


These are the kind of personal data you want to protect from prying eyes – whether the curiosity of friends, kids or co-workers. The simplicity of the app and the clean outline make it easy to enter, edit or delete your information. Navigating the app is a pleasure and smooth sailing.
App Secret is definitely worth a look when you consider privacy a must!




Here are 10 great iPhone apps to help you stay true to your New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone loves a new year for a fresh start that’s full of promise! This will be the year you get fit, budget better, organize your life, and help others.

So how can you ensure that your resolutions last past January? Well, you won’t be surprised to find out, there’s an app for that. Here are 10 great iPhone apps to help you stay true to your New Year’s resolutions.



10 iPhone Apps for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Lose Weight and Get Fit




This app does everything but burn the calories for you. Enter your current weight and goal weight, and it’ll tell you how many calories you should eat a day and show your progress. You can even input in what foods you eat, and the comprehensive database will tell you the calorie count. Keeping track of everything you eat may seem a little OCD, but studies have shown that food diaries help with weight loss. If you want to make this process easier you can buy their companion app, Food Scanner ($2.99), that allows you to scan UPC codes of store-bought food to keep track of calorie and nutrition info. Oh, and everything syncs to dailyburn.com. What are you waiting for?

Cost: Free




iFitness is the best fitness app out there right now. It has over 230 different individual exercises to choose from. For each exercise you’ll see a picture, a description, and, for most, a video as well. You can even choose exercises based on muscle group. This app is great for everyone from the beginner who’s looking for an easy-to-follow workout, to the advanced body builder who wants a custom way to track progress.

Cost: $2.99

Save Money




Mint (Mint) somehow makes budgeting fun (or as close to fun as possible) with it’s slick interface and color coded graphs and charts. The iPhone app allows you to check in with your account on the go. You can see alerts (“You’ve spent too much on parking!”) and take a quick look at your budgetary goals, which may be just the thing to prevent that impulse buy, or remind you that $4 lattes add up really fast.

Cost: Free




If you’ve ever paid a bill late, this is the app for you. Enter all your upcoming bills and BillMinder will keep track of when they’re due and whether they’re auto-paid or not. If a due date is coming up, it’ll send you a push notification. They have a free version, Bill Minder Lite, you can try as well (it limits the number of bills you can input).

Cost: $1.99

Get Organized




This app is made for sticking to life goals and New Year’s resolutions, so it was a no-brainer for this list. In it you can keep track of up to 43 “things” that you’d like to accomplish, write notes about each goal, and indicate what percentage of the way you are towards finishing it. It also syncs with their online community 43things.com, which has a cool feature that shows you the goals others are trying to accomplish — just the thing to inspire you to set goals of your own.

Cost: Free




Remember the Milk has got a lot of things going for it. Aside from it’s catchy name and cute cow mascot, it’s a great simple to-do list and task manager. It’ll send you push notifications when your task is due and allows you to categorize tasks with multiple lists. You can also sync with the Remember the Milk web app, Google Calendar, and Google (Google) tasks. Adding tasks is easy, and you can even add them via e-mail as well as share them with others. However, you might spend so much time getting your tasks organized, you run out of time to actually get them done.

Cost: 15 day free trial and then $25/year subscription

Learn Something New




Everyone always says they want to learn another language. Well, stop waiting and get an iPhone app to actually do it. Human Japanese is an amazing app that lets you learn the language from square one. If you’re interested in learning other languages, check out Basic Spanish for Dummies ($0.99), Pocket Italian – Beginner ($4.99), or FREE French Essentials by AccelaStudy (Free). The iPhone has apps to help you learn just about any language you’d want to.

Cost: $9.99




Maybe this is just one of my personal goals, but I’ve always wanted to know more constellations (other than the big dipper). This app feels like stargazing with my own personal astronomer. Hold the app up to the sky and it’ll show you what constellations you’re looking at. You can even use it in the daytime to see what the night sky would look like. And it has more info than I’ll ever find time to absorb.

Cost: $2.99

Go Green




Let’s say one of your goals is that you’d like to make a difference. You walk into the grocery store and try to figure out what to buy, but you can’t tell which products are the most “green.” Are any of them actually better for the environment? Are they worth the extra price? Use Good Guide’s comprehensive database to figure out which products are best for your health, the environment, and society. This app even has a barcode scanner so you can quickly check out products before you buy them. Also, each product has not only a rating but a breakdown of why they were given that rating so you can make your own judgments.

Cost: Free




Much as the name implies, this app plants a real tree in one of twelve countries facing deforestation. Lest you get confused (like some of the app’s reviewers) the point is not the the app itself, which simply shows a growing tree animation. Instead it’s created to give iPhone users an easy way to donate, simply by buying the app. If you’d like to learn more check out Mokugift. Their site allows you to virtually gift a tree to a friend.

Cost: $0.99

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