How to put your iPhone / iTouch’s iPod into sleep mode

Many of you were wondering about iPhone/iTouch’s iPod does not has a sleep option, Even I was wondering too, But somehow I found the sleep option, which will automatically put iPod in a sleep mode. 

Here are the steps to enable sleep mode for iPod:




  • Launch Clock app from your springboard.





  • Now tap on Timer icon.
  • Now set the Time, that is for after how much time you want your iPod to go in sleep mode.
  • After setting the timer, tap on list box where it says “When Timers Ends“.





  • Choose Sleep iPod option, and tap on set button.





  • Now you will redirected into Timer screen, Tap on Start button.





  • You timer will start and once it is done, it wil put your iDevice’s iPod into sleep mode.

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