Toyota Prius Hybrid iPhone app for 2010-2011


Get everything you wanted to know about the best-selling 2010 & 2011 Toyota Prius hybrid in the palm of your hand.  Toyota has just launched a mobile phone website for your  iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, or other mobile phone device and browser.

The new Toyota mobile phone website app is not limited to the Prius, the best-selling hybrid on the planet.  If you want information on the Camry hybrid sedan, it’s there.  Ditto, the Highlander hybrid SUV.  And so is information about all the other Toyota models, from the compact Yaris to the hunky FJ Cruiser.

When I say information, I mean lots and lots of information.  Photos, so you can compare and choose colors, even see how the dashboard navigation system looks.  Trim versions, so you can compare prices and option packages.  Punch in your zipcode, and up pops a list of dealers near you.

iPhone and iPod Touch users can see videos, including a 360-degree colorizer of the Prius.  Within the next couple of months, Toyota will extend this rich media feature to other models – and also to other mobile phone models.  Right now, the videos are limited to the Prius, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Promise me that if you go car shopping on our mobile phone that you’ll also stay in touch with the latest news about hybrid cars, electric cars, hydrogen and fuel cell cars, and other alternative fuel vehicles, right here, from your Green Car Examiner.

The Toyota mobile phone website app was created by iCrossing, a digital marketing company.



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