iPhone MotionX-GPS Drive v2.0 live in the App Store

MotionX was leading the *outdoor* GPS apps sales in the past. They had great momentum with their app called MotionX GPS for outdoor sporting people, which loved their offering in the App Store and then they surprisingly released MotionX GPS Drive. Competing directly with big names like TomTom, Sygic, Navigon, iGO My way and Ndrive. They undercut the current model of paying one time for the maps of your choice, to the model of 30 day for free maps and paying for every month you need it with an “In App Purchase”, all to be downloaded and cached over 3G.

iPhone car integration

Now since some time has passed, MotionX did not stood still and developed the 2.0 edition which has the following great improvements.

MotionX made a cheap entry price in the store for only 2.99 dollars to begin with. The long term cost of this app is higher than the other competitors if you buy their maps every month, but for the people who once in a while need Turn-by-Turn Voice guided GPS Navigation this is the app to save money with. And they prove that there is a public for this model, they are leading the App Store since they have entered with MotionX GPS Drive, in the navigation section.

● New Night Mode maps! Option to use automatically based on time of day.
● Faster re-routing detection when you go off-course.
● Simulation mode added to the core application.
● Choose between iPod music fading or p…ausing during voice instructions.
● New re-route button in Get Directions mode makes manual re-routing fast & easy.
● Improved interface for entering Canadian addresses.
● Improved airport search.
● Gas station search improved.
● New map data available; clear your cache (Setup page) to utilize.
● Additional voice prompts added and timing of prompts has been improved.
● Initiate routing without a GPS signal.
● Various optimizations and bug fixes.


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