Some of the Coolest iPhone Games You Should Own

A new week, a new iPhone goodies roundup – this time we’re listing only games. Please share your favorite in the comments area and suggest other titles. BTW, if you like this post you’ll sure love these as well: 12 Fresh & Creative Branded Apps, Top 10 “Not Your Average” iPhone Apps & 10 (More) Fresh & Funny iPhone Apps.

iBlast Moki | $1.99 | Review | Download


The goal in iBlast Moki is to detonate bombs that you’ve placed within the scene to force the Mokis into contact with a red swirly space.  It’s is a well honed, gorgeous platformer that will keep you playing for days

Mouthoff | $0.99 | Review | Download


MouthOff is highly interactive and maybe the most funny iPhone app yet. Just open the game, choose a character and the live lip-sync is ON. Choose from 45 different mouths!!!

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Homerun Battle 3D | $4.99 | Review | Download


Shrouded in beautifully rendered graphics, Homerun Battle 3D is what a casual sports game should be.  If you have a hankerin’ for some baseball spankerin’ head on over and pick up Homerun Battle 3D today. It won’t disappoint

Dark Nebula | $0.99 | Review | Download


Dark Nebula contains 10 fast-paced levels of marble-rolling fun where you’ll need to make your way through each level, picking up items while avoiding the many pitfalls.  We found ourselves as enthralled with the gameplay as with the look of the game

Soosiz | $2.99 | Review | Download


Soosiz boasts all the features one would expect in an epic platformer.  Touch Foo gives the iPhone a true side-scrolling adventure with depth, polish and heart to boot!

Orbital | $0.99 | Review | Download


Combining neon light graphics with Snood-like gameplay, Orbital is a visually-appealing and highly-addictive exercise in precision and perseverance

Triazzle | $2.99 | Review | Download


With its attractive animations, clean interface, and fiendishly clever gameplay, Triazzle is sure to delight puzzle gamers of all ages

Sentinel 2 | $2.99 | Review | Download


We have yet to find a tower defense game that can rival Sentinel 2’s customization options, eerie soundtrack, and online accessibility

iSink U | $0.99 | Review | Download


iSink U turns classic Battle Ship gaming into a gorgeous colored pencil work of art

10 Pin Shuffle | $3.99 | Review | Download


Though there are other bowling games and even a shuffleboard game or two available in the app store, nothing combines them with the polish and creativity of 10 Pin Shuffle

Asphalt 5 | $6.99 | Review | Download


Asphalt 5 is outstanding, due to tons of unlockables, a wealth of various game modes, online multiplayer, and enjoyable gameplay. There are several racing titles available in the app store, but Asphalt 5 is certainly worthy of Top 5 status, if not Top 3

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