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15 great uses for iPhone GPS

Clever apps that make the most of your phone’s location features

Travelers used to need a guidebook, map, local newspaper, and much more just to cover the basics of getting around an unfamiliar city. Today, location-aware apps on the iPhone can not only replace all your city guides, they can do a better job of helping you interact with the world around you-whether you’re just in town for the weekend or you’ve lived there your whole life. Continue reading

Going to Disney? access the Disney Mobile Magic app to get park information right on your iPhone or other cell phone

Yes, you can access Disney information right on your iPhone or other cell phone!




Disney Mobile Magic is a fun and simple way to get the most out of your Disney Vacation. Use GPS maps to get around the Parks, locate some of your favorite characters for a special greeting and even make dining reservations.

When you are in the Parks you can check official attraction wait times and Disney’s FASTPASS® return times for the Park you’re in. You can also play trivia, watch videos on select attractions and plan your upcoming visit with the Favorites feature.





Mobile Magic includes all of Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort:

Interactive Walt Disney World Resort Guides
– Magic Kingdom® Park
– Epcot®
– Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
– Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park
– Disney’s Blizzard Beach
– Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon
– Downtown Disney® Area
– Plus information on Dining and Disney Resort Hotels

Interactive Disneyland® Resort Guides
– Disneyland® Park
– Disney California Adventure® Park
– Downtown Disney® District
– Plus information on Dining and Disney Resort Hotels



Official Park & Attraction Information:
– Upon arrival into our Parks you will gain access to official wait times and FASTPASS® return times for the Park that you are in
– Review detailed information on attractions: photos, descriptions, locations, height requirements and more


Interactive GPS Guide Maps:
– View each Park and its Attractions, Dining, Character Greetings and more with our interactive GPS Park Guide Maps
– Once you are in the Parks, view wait times at a glance on interactive guide maps


Character Finder:
– Search for some of your Favorite Characters
– You’ll find out where they are located, hours of their greetings and more

Dining Guide and Reservations:
– Explore our vast dining options by filtering your search by mealtime, location, cuisine type and more
– Check out restaurant menus and hours
– And best of all, make reservations right from your mobile phone


– Create a personalized tip board with all your must dos
– Plan your dream vacation by selecting your favorite attractions, characters and dining options

Games and Video:
– Get in the Disney mood right away with the interactive Disney Parks games including trivia, character puzzles and more
– Watch videos on attractions with special behind the scenes footage





11 ways to sync your data with an iPhone

How to access files, notes, to-dos, and even your Mac from the road

Control your Mac

You need to start a backup but you’re miles away from your Mac? Much as you can control another Mac using Leopard’s Screen Sharing feature, you can control a Mac from your iPhone. The means for doing so is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client such as ReadPixel’s $7 RemoteTap . A VNC client places a tiny version of a Mac’s display on the iPhone’s screen, which you can control by dragging and tapping.

Put your Mac desktop on your iPhone with Remote Tap


Because your remote Mac is doing the work, you can also use your VNC client to send yourself documents or view files that otherwise would not display on the iPhone. Just open the file remotely on your Mac and use the stretch gesture to enlarge and view it.

  • $4.99
  • Category: Utilities
  • Updated: Sep 02, 2010
  • Current Version: 4.2
  • 4.2
  • Size: 1.2 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Dirk Lembens
  • © 2010 ReadPixel

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. *3G works just video refresh is slow so not possible to stream video and sound could be better but i can play poker on the major sites relatively easy

* I’m very happy that after months without an update RemoteTap has received two recent updates. I hope progress continues. This is a very handy app.

Access your files from afar

FarFinder lets you browse your Mac’s folders via the Web.


If you don’t need to control your Mac, but you do want to be able to grab files from it, Flying Mac’s $35 FarFinder is a better alternative to a VNC client. FarFinder lets you use a Web browser (a free iPhone application awaits Apple approval) to navigate your Mac in a Finder-like view-far easier than trying to fit your Mac’s entire screen on your iPhone’s tiny display. You can e-mail files to yourself, or in some cases even view files (images and PDFs, for example) in the browser. But keep in mind that your computer has to be turned on for this to work.

Send files to your iPhone

Before you head off to that important business meeting, you want to make sure you have the company’s latest sales figures and competitive analysis at your fingertips. In the days before the App Store existed, there wasn’t an easy way to stash files on your iPhone and view them. Now you have several options.

To move files from your Mac to your iPhone over a local wireless network, try Magnetism Studios’ $5 FileMagnet . FileMagnet will also let you view iPhone-compatible files-though you can’t edit them. Keep in mind that for these files to be viewable on the iPhone, their names must have the appropriate extension-.jpg or .doc, for example.


Sync your files to SugarSync’s servers and they’re available to your iPhone and other computers.


If you want to share a document with other Macs as well as with your iPhone, or if you like the concept of instantaneous access, turn your attention to Sharpcast’s SugarSync. The online service expands the concept of push data-Apple’s MobileMe, for example, will “push” contacts, calendars, and e-mail to your iPhone-to include documents and media files. You simply upload files to SugarSync’s servers via the SugarSync Manager application installed on your Mac, and those files become available to other computers and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. Install the free SugarSync iPhone app and you have nearly immediate access to those files. You can view iPhone-compatible files as well as stream MP3 and AAC audio files. Pricing starts at 10GB of storage for about $2.50 a month.

Sneak files off your iPhone

Want to turn the tables and copy files from your iPhone-including call logs, SMS messages, media files, and notes? Ecamm Network’s $20 PhoneView is the way to do this. When you plug your iPhone into your Mac, PhoneView launches and lets you browse some of the contents of your phone. Find an item you want and click on Copy From iPhone to move it to your Mac. This is handy for restoring your music files if a dead hard drive kills your iTunes library. The program also lets you create folders on the iPhone for storing your files (you can’t access these files on the iPhone-they’re for the purpose of storage only).


Sync with multiple calendars

With Google’s Calaboration tool, a Google calendar, and iCal, you can sync a shared calendar with multiple Macs and iPhones.


Keeping events in sync between multiple people using multiple Macs and iPhones is no easy feat. The secret is to create an iCal-compatible Google calendar.

To do this, set up a Google calendar and use the online tools to share it with your family members or coworkers. On each Mac that needs access to the calendar, download the free Google Calaboration-yes, it’s spelled that way-and select the Google calendars you wish to synchronize with iCal. Now when you add or edit events with this calendar in either iCal or Google Calendar, those events are updated for everyone subscribed to it. To keep the iPhones in sync, simply configure them in iTunes to sync to this iCal calendar.

Push around your Google data

If you keep your contacts, e-mail, and calendars in Google’s apps and want that data pushed to your iPhone, check out Google Sync. Once you set up a Google Sync account, changes to your Google contacts, calendars, and e-mail will immediately sync with your iPhone and your computer. What’s more, the service is free-unlike the $99 MobileMe account that Apple requires for its push service.

Sync notes and to-dos

At the moment, Apple doesn’t offer any way of syncing data from the iPhone’s Notes app or to-dos from iCal on the Mac. Although Apple has promised to offer a way to sync notes in the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software update (no word yet on to-dos), there’s no need to wait. If you’ve been as frustrated by this forehead-slappingly-obvious omission as we are, forget iCal and Notes; the key to this particular magic trick lies elsewhere.

Keep It Online As long as you usually have a good Internet connection, one workable alternative to syncing is to use an online service. RememberTheMilk, Toodledo, and Google’s Gmail offer free online to-do lists you can access from Safari on your iPhone or from any browser on your Mac. (The first two sites also support notes.) To set this up in Gmail, go to your Gmail settings screen, click on the Labs tab, and enable Tasks. Tasks will appear in the normal Gmail screen on your Mac; to view them on your iPhone, browse to

Keep track of important tasks no matter where you are with To Do


Sync via the Web If you prefer to keep your notes and to-dos in an iPhone app that’s accessible even when you’re offline, you have several options. Appigo’s $10 Todo and Toodledo’s own $4 iPhone app both offer powerful to-do-list features-including notes-and sync with If tasks are less important to you, you can save money by going with Appigo’s $5 Notebook, which works similarly but focuses on notes. Unfortunately, none of these services syncs with iCal, so you’ll need to manage your to-do lists via the service’s Web site while at your Mac.

Skip the Web To forego a Web browser altogether, you’ll need a program that has both iPhone and Mac versions. Ross Tulloch’s $4 SyncBook syncs notes between the two platforms. On the Mac, notes appear as text files that you can edit in TextEdit. For advanced task- and project-management, Cultured Code’s Things (iPhone version, $10; Mac version, $50) is an attractive and easy-to-use program that includes schedules, priorities, tags, and notes; the iPhone and Mac versions automatically sync over your local network.

Fool the iPhone If you’re determined to sync notes without any outside help, try disguising your notes as something else. In Address Book, create a new contact and place your text in the contact’s Notes field. Mark it as a business and give it a useful name. Address Book on your Mac will reflect changes you make on the iPhone, and vice versa. The downside, of course, is that you have to manage your notes using contacts, but with some clever naming you can keep notes grouped together at the beginning or end of your contacts list.

Other great apps include:

Jaadu VNC and Logmein

to “send files to your iPhone” (even “from” the iPhone, by email, in some cases) :

Files Light, Files pro

Mobile Files

Quickoffice files

Fileaid with DiskAid on the Mac




Memory Stick

Flash Drive

File sync


Print and share

Mobile Studio

Evernote, (free on iPhone and the Mac )

Get Local Traffic on iPhone + how 2 make your Twitter Account Mobile without data plan!

Twitter is a great way to communicate information you are uniquely interested in. You follow people on Twitter because they provide information you are looking for and don’t find anywhere else.

Twitter is even more useful when it is used as a mobile app. You can receive all sorts of useful tidbits through your cell phone or even as a text message, if you don’t have a data plan on your phone.

Here’s one example: you can get local traffic updates through your Twitter account. Here’s how: create an RSS feed with traffic information and ask FeedTwit to send it to your Twitter account as a direct message.

The Yahoo! Developer Network explains how to get local traffic updates through an RSS feed. Although that example might be intimidating to someone who isn’t used to working with a code, let me simplify it for you. All you need to do is add your zip code to the end of the following URL:
For instance, although I live in a suburb of Charlotte, NC, I would add the zip code for my workplace at the end of that URL to get traffic updates on my way to work in downtown Charlotte:

get traffic reports through Twitter

Next you take the URL and give it to FeedTwit in order to send the RSS feed to your Twitter account by direct message. Typically when people use RSS feeds and Twitter they think they have to use a service like TwitterFeed. Now, TwitterFeed is a great service when you want to broadcast the contents of an RSS feed through your Twitter account. In this case I don’t think people living in New York (or anywhere else, for that matter) are interested in receiving a traffic report from Charlotte, NC (and would simply unfollow you for providing irrelevant information). Rather than broadcast an RSS feed to all your followers like TwitterFeed, FeedTwit sends the feed’s contents to you as a direct message- that only you will see. Since this will come to your Twitter account as a direct message, you can read it from your favorite Twitter app or even through text message- if you have set up device updates through your Twitter account- even if you don’t have a data plan on your cell phone. Pretty cool, huh!

It is simple to use FeedTwit. First you follow the FeedTwit Twitter account. Within an hour you will receive a direct message giving you a password for your FeedTwit account. Visit the FeedTwit homepage and login using the given password and tell FeedTwit to send you the RSS feed you have just created.

Pretty soon you will get your local traffic reports through your Twitter account.

iPhone users, keep your bill predictable when you travel abroad, learn how here:

AT&T knows that the mobile Internet on your Apple® iPhone™ is indispensable to you. That’s why we want to remind you that international data usage is not covered under your existing U.S. data plan.

Your iPhone provides access to email, Visual Voicemail, Web browsing and other applications that can use a significant amount of data. It’s no surprise that you might find yourself using more data than you thought.

The good news is that now, when you’re traveling outside the U.S., you can save money on your international data usage by signing up for one of AT&T’s newly created Data Global Plans with low rates in more than 90 countries.

Turn Data Roaming “OFF”:
By default the setting for international data roaming will be in the “OFF” position.
To turn data roaming “ON/OFF” tap on Settings>General>Network>Data Roaming

– Turning “OFF” data roaming blocks email, browsing, visual voicemail and downloads, but it will not block text or picture/video messages.
– When abroad, international roaming rates apply when you send text or picture/video messages.
– To access audible voicemail when data roaming is “OFF”, tap on Phone > Voicemail.
International roaming voice rates apply.

Utilize WiFi Instead of 3G/GPRS/EDGE:
WiFi is available in many international airports, hotels and restaurants to browse the Web or check email.

Turn Fetch New Data “Off”:
Check email and sync contacts and calendars manually instead of having the data pushed to your iPhone automatically. This way you can control the flow of data coming to your iPhone.

To turn off the Auto-Check functionality tap on
Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Fetch New Data.

Change Push to “OFF”   and Select Fetch Manually.

Consider Purchasing an International Data Package:
If you are traveling outside the U.S., purchasing a Data Global Plan will significantly reduce the cost of using data abroad. To add an international data package call 1-877-707-9208.

Reset the Usage Tracker to Zero:
When you arrive overseas access the usage tracker in the general settings menu and select reset statistics. This will enable you to track your estimated data usage while abroad.

-To reset Usage Tracker to Zero tap on
Settings>General>Usage>Reset Statistics

Learn more or call 1-866-MOBILITY

contact us at ATT privacy policy

Voice and data usage outside the U.S., including data usage incurred from delivery of Visual Voicemail Messages, will be charged at international rates. Data Global Plans for iPhone can be added to the Data Plan for iPhone for reduced data rates in more than 90 countries. Visual Voicemail Messages received when roaming internationally are charged at international data pay-per-use rates unless the Data Global Plan applies, in which case receipt of Visual Voicemail Messages will decrement kilobytes included in the plan. Substantial charges may be incurred if the phone is taken out of the U.S. even if no services are intentionally used.
<sp ><sp>TM and ©2009 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. © 2009-2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are property of their respective owners.

Enjoy flash Video on iPhone Safari, Convert FLV Flash Video to MP4 so your iPhone can play it!

Can iPhone Safari play Flash video

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. It could run on both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. Apple’s smart iPhone also carries a mobile Safari. So if you have a iPhone in hand, you can surf Internet anywhere you like, chatting with friends, sending and receiving e-mails, just like operating on a desktop.

With iPhone smart device, you can also watch a movie via wireless connection, so during your trip to some places, you can kill the travelling time with a online video. But a pity is that iPhone carrying default web browser Safari does not support flash video format (most of online video is .flv flash file, e.g. YouTube). And when you send and receive e-mails, Hotmail is also not available for that is a Microsoft product. As the result of Safari not supporting Flash, so when you browse webpage with iPhone Safari, the webpage may not be shown completely.

Now Opera has been becoming the most popular web browser for mobile device, but iPhone does not allow you to installl a third party web browser on it. So you browsing webpage on iPhone has no choice but Safari.

If you really want to enjoy the flash on your iPhone, there is a better way for you, that is converting flash FLV video to MP4. So you can download the flash FLV video and then convert it to MP4 video, so your iPhone could play it.

4Easysoft Flash Video Converter
4Easysoft Flash Video Converter is an outstanding program which converts flash to almost any popular video formats as AVI, WMV, MP4, AVI, 3GP, MP3, which could be played on iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, and other portable devices.

4Easysoft Flash Video Converter

4Easysoft Flash Video Converter is an outstanding Flash to Video Converter which can convert flash videos SWF/FLV to almost any popular video formats as AVI, WMV, MP4, AVI, 3GP, even HD video(H.264 HD, HD MPEG-4, HD AVI, etc) and MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG etc, which could be played on iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, and other PMPs.
As a versatile Flash Video Converter, you can make a creative video (DVD to Creative Zen Converter Reviews) by trimming excellent video clips, cropping video to cut off undesired black edges and joining several interesting clips into one. Flash Video Converter doubles your pleasure of watching flash videos at home and on the go.
Key Features
1. A wide range of supported formats
Support video/audio formats
4Easysoft Flash Video Converter supports various output formats including MPEG-4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MOV, M4V, AVI, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, MKV, FLV, SWF, VOB, DV, Super VCD(NTSC, PAL, SECAM), VCD(NTSC, PAL, SECAM) , DVD(NTSC, PAL, SECAM) , HD H.264, HD AVI, HD MPG, HD TS, HD WMV, HD MPEG 4, HD MOV, HD ASF, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, MP3, M4A, MP2, OGG, WAV, WMA.
Support input formats: FLV, SWF
Compatible with various media players
4Easysoft Flash Video Converter supports various PMPs such as iPod, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Apple TV (Apple TV Video Converter Reviews), PSP, PS3, Wii, Zune, Zune 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Google Phone, Sony Walkman, Archos, Creative Zen, iRiver, BlackBerry, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold, Palm Pre, Motorala, LG, Sony Ericsson, Mobile Phone, etc.
2. Strong Video Editing functions
Set video effect and Deinterlacing
4Easysoft Flash Video Converter allows you to set the video Brightness, Contrast, Saturation. Checking Deinterlacing helps you to convert interlaced video to the progressive video, this function can optimize the video effect.
Split video
Merge video
Crop video
Capture pictures and real-time preview
More settings for you to customize
Detailed video and audio settings are provided by this Flash Video Converter for you to adjust.
800MHz Intel or AMD CPU, or above; 512MB RAM or more

iPhone Running OS 3.0 Can Turn Your Phone Into a Revolutionary Sex Toy

The features in the 3.0 iPhone OS made it a better phone, GPS, gaming and computing platform. But they also gave it the potential to turn it into the most perfect sex toy yet.

Dr. Debby Herbenick—author and sex expert—liked iPhone 3.0 so much that she wrote a great iphone sex guide inspired by it. Which got everyone thinking: Can the new OS make the iPhone the best sexual toy ever?


Actually, I think it can. Or at least, it has all the elements to turn it into the most sophisticated sexual machine one could imagine.

Let’s start with the basics: First, the new iPhone OS 3.0 added a rumble application programming interface. Basically, this will allow developers to fine tune the vibration of the iPhone itself. A perfect sexual toy application would be able to store vibration patterns to suit the needs and mood of the user.

But more importantly, it will also receive them wirelessly, in real time: One iPhone running my hypothetical Shiny Shiny Sexual Toy™ would be able to control the other using a simple graphical user interface—touch me, baby—over the network.

In this perfect sexual toy application, there will be a list of sexual partners you can play with across the internet. It will also allow to record sessions and also talk using the new Voice Over IP communication at the same time you are playing. Like the games demonstrated yesterday, but for adults.

And that’s just the start. Imagine the possibilities of push notifications and peer-to-peer networking: Woman walks into airport lounge with the sexual toy app in “receive mode.” Another iPhone sexual toy user is scanning the application and detects her in proximity, so he or she sends a notification, inviting her to play.

They don’t have to get directly into the action, of course. Like Dr. Herbenick says, there are preliminaries, like in every sexual activity. This is where text chat, profiles, and avatars get into scene. A conversation will ensue and, if things get exciting, they can start playing using the vibration mode.

Of course, you are probably thinking, it’s ok to play with the vibration mode in the iPhone itself if you are in the privacy of your home… but in public?

That’s where the new Device Control interface and the Bluetooth connectivity comes in: The sexual toy would be able to turn the iPhone into the toy itself but it would also be capable of controlling compatible devices—small or big vibrators or chinese balls or whatever device you can think about.

Of course, there’s the matter of doing this kind of things in public, but hey, I’m European, and you know we are all pervs who love sex in public (and hey, you can always run into the bathroom, as long as you keep yourself within wireless range).

Sure, some will say that Apple will never allow for this because they don’t have adult-oriented apps. Maybe that will change with the new parental controls for applications. And yes, toy-aided cybersex is nothing compared to the real thing, but seriously, even while sometimes they are fun, one-night stands are just way too messy for me. Knowing that I’m having casual sex with someone in such close proximity will be a definitive turn on. And who knows, perhaps the start of something else.

And if any developer wants to do this, I can design the user interface.

Dr. Herbenick’s notes about the article.

1) Yes – the ability for developers to fine tune the vibration is key
– and even more important, to allow users to do so. Women vary
enormously and while low intensity is key for some, others need full
throttle. (Also, if men are using vibration, some intensities are too
much, too soon, if you know what I mean).

2) Allowing users to record sessions is very cool… of course, I’d
suggest a feature like in gchat that allows users to know if a session
is on or off record, so both people are consenting to a permanent
record. Another option is to allow you to record your own (solitary)
session in the sense that you can “teach” your phone app what you like
(like the Sasi vibrator that “learns” your preferences) so it can give
you similar vibrations the next time.

3) Push and peer-peer are what remind me of the Sex Toy Tales story I
wrote about in the comments.

4) Device Control is key. And great cross-selling if you can develop
an app and high quality sex toys that work with the app (as you know,
there’s great variation is the quality of toys on the market).

Cydia Replacement Packaging and Repository Manager Downloads for Iphone



Cydia is a replacement packaging and repository manager for the original for the iPhone or iPod touch. It was created by Jay Freeman to replace BSD Subsystem and Cydia is a UI frontend to his Open Source APT for Debian called Telesphoreo. Cydia pomonella is the scientific name for the codling moth, which is what we often think of the as the stereotypical apple worm.

To get Cydia you need to have already. Then just add as a source to Installer and install the package “Cydia Installer” from the “System” category.

Cydia itself looks similar to but add many improvements to organization, functionality and performance of Installer. With Cydia you:

See the number of apps in each category
See details of what installing each app include such as file size and functionality added
Search for apps by name
See changes to your currently installed apps and available upgrades
See details of currently installed app and easily manage them

Currently with the release of the iPhone 3G which comes with OS 2.0 and the related iPhone pwnage tools many of the apps written for the older have to be ported over so developers are working on that. In the next few weeks you will start to see more and more apps in Cydia with lots of cool new features, so check back often.

Note: The quick and easy way to get Cydia on your iPhone is to install it using QuickPwn.

Update: For Windows users with the iPhone 2.1 software update, you can get both Cydia and Installer on your iPhone really quickly and easily by installing the QuickPwn software on your Windows PC. The entire process is streamlined and takes only a few minutes.

Update: Ultrasn0w for iPhone 3G or 3GS is ready. You can now jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 3G or 3GS with OS 3.0 firmware.
1. Ensure you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0
2. Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using redsn0w or PwnageTool & if you have the 3GS use the purplera1n installer app to jailbreak it instead. (after this step you will have Cydia)
3. Run Cydia
4. Add the repo to Cydia. (that last o is actually the number zero)
5. Search for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia and install ultrasn0w
6. Reboot your iPhone 3G
7. T-Mobile USA users should disable 3G before using ultrasn0w

Update: Purplesn0w can also unlock your iPhone 3GS, so use it instead of Ultrasn0w if you wish. The steps are exactly the same as the above. Only use this repo source in Cydia and install Purplesn0w from there.

Update: If you have OS 3.1.2 you can use blackra1n or PwnageTool 3.1.4 to jailbreak and get Cydia installed on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Use iPhone mods and hacks at your own risk! Installing 3rd Party iPhone apps requires you to jailbreak the iPhone before installing the native software and apps. Browse the full list of all iPhone and iPod touch native 3rd party apps filed under the software category.

Cydia Developer’s website is here

added 1 year, 4 months ago and filed under software (Viewed 12493 times, 20 so far today). Need help on using these apps? Please read the Help Page.

User Reviews

Get Cydia Jailbroken iPhone Downloads, Directory of Apps Here

Look here for info & instructions on:  How to jailbreak iphone / ipod touch and install cydia


Directory of applications usable on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. Adds custom sources to APT.

Get Cydia Downloads Here, Click Get Started Now Button Below.:

AOL iphone Apps Info2

Rapi4Me Search Engine


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Cydia Replacement Packaging and Repository Manager Downloads for Iphone