Creative Branded iPhone Apps You Should Know About With Demo Videos

Like sponsored websites or web apps, there are tons of branded iPhone apps out there, but only a few have real value. So we’ve made a compilation with the coolest 12 apps from the most creative iBrands. Most of them are free, so prepare you device for a new screen filled with glossy icons!

US-UK GIG Finder | InBev | Free | Review | Download


The free application promises to keep music fans informed and for those simply in need of a night out a chance to see what’s on both locally and across the US & UK

Watch TV on your iPhone, home PC or TV, (Click link below).

Reebok iSprint | ustwo™ > Inside Mobile | Free | Review | Download


A neat little app that has you running the 100m with your fingers – basically flick running – to get the fastest time you can

Parra Plays | Incase | Free | Review | Download


Poppers [like a touch screen version of “Whac-A-Mole.” Touch the clouds before they pop!], Parrot [Loosely based on “Simon Says,” but with a twist] & Pairs [Similar to the classic “Memory” card game]

R.Racing GTI | ndWare | Free | Review | Download


Turn your iPhone sideways and peel out! The 2010 Real Racing Game, “R. Racing GT” gives the player a graphically spectacular experience

Waterslide | Dare Digital | Free | Review | Download


In what’s clearly a lesson of how to get it right as far as apps that advertise go, Barclaycard’s “waterslide” iPhone game has seen 3 million downloads in just 13 days

iDraft | Samuel Vermett | Free | Review | Download

| The Stanley Works | Free | Review | Download


The Stanley Level brings you the accuracy and reliability of real-world Stanley tools in virtual form

MyPantone | X-Rite, incporporated | $9.99 | Review | Download


This app allows designers to use their creativity in the field, easily cross-referencing color palettes on the go

PS: For tons of more creative apps you should check Appboy – app discovery engine – and Appsmile – app recommendation blog

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