Stealthtype iPhone app,allows users to type a complete and accurate message without looking at phone

Cleverlike Corporation, an emerging application inventor, has announced the availability of a new iPhone app that allows users to type a complete and accurate message without looking at the phone or speaking to it. The app, StealthType SMS, uses a creative new text entry system designed to eliminate the visual attention required to type on a touchscreen device such as Apple’s iPhone. StealthType SMS can be downloaded from the iTunes app store immediately for just $0.99 USD.

Since touchscreen devices are perfectly smooth, until StealthType it has been virtually impossible to use the iPhone’s input keyboard effectively without looking at the screen. By using your headphones, auxiliary output or phone speaker, the voice guidance in StealthType eliminates the need to look at the screen while still offering the ability to type with 100% accuracy.

StealthType SMS features include:
* Unique “StealthType” technology for navigating the app and typing without looking at device or speaking to it
* Male or female voices (real, professional voice recordings)
* QWERTY or ABC keyboard layouts
* Send to Clipboard option for iPod touch and iPhone users
* Customizable contact list for initiating SMS messages
* Stealthy design that emits low light levels for discreet use day or night

StealthType SMS is the first app from Cleverlike featuring their StealthType technology. This particular app streamlines the SMS (text messaging) process on the iPhone to nearly eliminate the need to look at the screen in order to send a text message. Cleverlike launched this initial app to aid in texting while driving the development of more apps using StealthType. New apps featuring this technology are currently in development. With mobile phone usage so integral in our daily lives, the StealthType technology aims to make it safer to use the iPhone in scenarios that require focused visual attention.

Pricing and Availability:
StealthType SMS 1.1 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide for the iPhone and iPod touch exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

Create, Distribute and Receive Digital Flyrs on iPhone on the go with FREE SocialFlyer App!

Introducing SocialFlyr App for iPhone!

‘Developed by – Twitter: @sunshail’

Want to promote a service or sell something? Send an invitation to an event? Convey a message to people? SocialFlyr is a first of it’s kind application to quickly create, view, and distribute digital flyers or flyrs. Users choose from existing templates, create their own using the built-in camera, or select from existing photo library images and use the sleek interface to create. Design a flyr for promotions, ads, events, announcements or really anything you’d like.


SocialFlyr connects to existing social sites leveraging established networks where you can distribute your flyrs. Users can also send flyrs through email.





SocialFlyr was developed and created by StartupArtist. StartupArtist is a consortium of tech, business and internet geeks who are constantly looking for new ways to help make peopes lives a little easier and a little more fun. The idea of SocialFlyr came about based on the need for a quick and easy was to send digital flyers (or ‘flyrs’) on the go. We hope you enjoy using the app on the iPhone! More platforms coming soon.


  • Easy-to-use navigation.
  • Create the best flyrs for any occasion or need.
  • Choose from over 20 unique flyr designs. Additional templates available on SocialFlyr website.
  • Select your own template from photo gallery & select photo to be placed on flyr (full version only).
  • Use great editing tools.
  • Change the font and color of your message.
  • Distribute flyrs via email to multiple recipients.
  • Send flyrs to Twitter via TwitPic.
  • Post flyrs to Facebook to share with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Use address book to send flyr via email.

Coming Soon on SocialFlyr

  • SocialFlyr user to SocialFlyr user distribution within iPhone application.
  • Location based services to be implemented.
  • Distribute your flyrs to specific geo-targeted SocialFlyr users (depending on their location settings).
  • Tag flyrs with your intended geo-targeted distribution area and keywords.

Feel free to email SocialFlyr for suggestions.

Download free version of  SocialFlyr, click below.


6 Reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone

jailbrokeiphoneHacking your iPhone to run unofficial, third-party apps may seem unnecessary since Apple hosts its own App Store. But the corporation’s recently enforced prohibitions on some apps, such as the banning of Google Voice, are reviving the incentive for customers to jailbreak their iPhones once again.

Thanks to Cydia, an unauthorized app store open to jailbroken iPhones, consumers can still access some software that Apple won’t allow. Think free text-messaging and cheap international calls thanks to a Google Voice app that Apple banned. Or features that we can’t have yet, such as multimedia messaging and tethering. Here, we round up a list of the most compelling reasons to jailbreak your iPhone.

1. Google Voice

Apple recently rejected and banned Google Voice apps from its App Store. The apps would have augmented the search giant’s new voice service, which enables users to rely on a single phone number to ring all their phones, while also delivering the gift of free text messages, voicemail service and cheap international calls. The move stirred so much controversy that even the Federal Communications Commission is inquiring about the prohibition.

Thankfully in the Cydia store there’s GV Mobile, an unofficial Google Voice app. In light of Apple’s blanket ban of Google Voice apps, GV Mobile is the no. 1 reason to jailbreak your iPhone (if you weren’t one of the lucky few to grab a copy before Apple banned it). Overall the app is really sweet, despite having room to improve in terms of performance (connecting to Google’s server each time you launch the app can be a drag). Your contacts list is nicely integrated into the phone dialer and SMS sender; the overall UI is slick and cool. After a few minutes you’ll be sending free text messages, and maybe even dialing your relatives in Taiwan for once with cheap international VOIP calls. The best part? The app’s free.

2. Unrestricted 3G Privileges

AT&T iPhone owners pay $30 per month for “unlimited” 3G data access. But your access isn’t truly unlimited, thanks to restrictions that Apple imposed on some apps. SlingPlayer, an app that streams television from a Slingbox device, was crippled to work only on a Wi-Fi connection at the request of Apple and AT&T. And the Skype VOIP app only works on Wi-Fi, too, rendering it impractical.

This is where 3G Unrestrictor comes in handy. The $2 app enables jailbroken iPhone users to select any app that they wish to use over 3G, including Skype and SlingPlayer. Also, by default the App Store won’t let you download files larger than 10MB on the 3G network, and 3G Unrestrictor will remove that regulation, too. Free your apps and download away!

3. Tethering

Apple promised the new iPhone 3.0 OS would deliver tethering, but AT&T customers have yet to see that promise fulfilled. AT&T promised tethering would arrive “late summer.” Well, we’re waiting, and it’s not here yet. Some iPhone 3.0 users have figured out a roundabout way to turn on tethering without hacking, but that solution is only temporary.

Guess what? There’s a tethering app in Cydia, too. It’s a $5 app called Tether. The steps on setting up tethering aren’t as simple as Apple’s, but hey, you don’t even have to pay a monthly fee to use the service. The app even includes a feature to set a data cap in case you’re worried about extra charges incurred on your account if AT&T catches you tethering. It’s a little rough around the edges thanks to the network setup taking a few minutes, but we still love it.


4. Overseas Travel

Need to travel? Your iPhone can only go so far thanks to its carrier-tied SIM card, unless you wish to receive bills up the nostril thanks to international roaming costs. Jailbreaking will actually enable you to follow a process to unlock your iPhone to work with other carriers’ SIM cards overseas.

5. Pissing off Apple

Whether you’re a developer who has a beef with Apple, or if you’re a consumer who’s pissed at Apple, or if you’re a kid whose puppy was run over by an employee of Apple, then you may want to exact revenge by jailbreaking your iPhone. That’s because Apple clearly doesn’t like it when users jailbreak their iPhones. The company claims the process is illegal, and goes as far as to say jailbreaking will crash cellphone towers. So far these are empty threats, although buyer beware: Future court decisions, laws or FCC regulations may put teeth into Apple’s claims.

6. Pissing off AT&T

Frustrated with AT&T’s brainless customer service, spotty network reception and passive-aggressive totalitarian rule over the App Store? Jailbreaking for any of the reasons above will piss off AT&T, mostly by enabling your applications to use its 3G network without restriction. Or, if you like, you can take your protest a step further and unlock your jailbroken phone, enabling it to work with with T-Mobile or any other GSM-based carrier. It’s not a tea party, it’s an AT&T party!


iPhone Apps Released December 2010


Color Mail Color Mail | Staff Pick 12/03/2010 An easy tool to help you send a color styled email to your friends from your iPhone, iPod touch and even iPad.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator | Staff Pick 12/03/2010 As Earth day (April 22nd) approaches, you may be interested in knowing your carbon footprint.

  • Fabasoft Folio Cloud Fabasoft Folio Cloud 12/03/2010 Online collaboration with business partners.
  • hCG Mixing Calculator hCG Mixing Calculator 12/03/2010 Calculate the Dilutent needed when mixing hCG .. the wildly popular weight loss protocol.
  • iTrailers - Movie Trailers and Reviews iTrailers – Movie Trailers and Reviews 12/03/2010 Your portable database of the latest movie trailers.
  • Funny Pictures Funny Pictures 12/03/2010 100s of Funny Pictures optimised for the iPhone and iPod Touch with over 13 different categories.
  • microBleach microBleach 12/03/2010 Read manga Bleach online on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Elf Spotter Elf Spotter 12/03/2010 For ‘Elf on the Shelf’ fans.
  • Memory Vitamins Game Memory Vitamins Game | Staff Pick 12/03/2010 A memory boosting game with 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Fun Charades Fun Charades 12/03/2010 An acting game in which one player acts out a word or phrase.
  • Gold Nuggets Gold Nuggets | Staff Pick 12/03/2010 Try to collect gold nuggets of varying sizes and values.
  • ExplorimmoPro ExplorimmoPro 12/03/2010 Real estate software, webagency and SEO (in French).
  • Max International Max International 12/03/2010 Glutathione company.
  • Sport on TV Sport on TV 12/03/2010 Your personal TV guide, seriously optimized for sport.
  • 4G Speed - Internet Speed Test 4G Speed – Internet Speed Test 12/03/2010 Curious about your internet connection? Measure your network connection with this free utility.
  • Spam IP Email Address Lookup Spam IP Email Address Lookup 12/03/2010 Real-time database of IP addresses and emails involved in sending spam.
  • Filipino (Tagalog) to English Dictionary Filipino (Tagalog) to English Dictionary 12/03/2010 Filipino (Tagalog) to English and English to Tagalog Dictionary.
  • WinAsUGo Mobile Casino WinAsUGo Mobile Casino 12/02/2010 Play casino games on your iPhone / iPad / iPod.
  • cityRUNNR cityRUNNR 12/02/2010 Love to run? Start tracking your progress.
  • Diamond Grading Diamond Grading | Staff Pick 12/02/2010 A simple guide of diamond grading that gives you a basic conception before choosing your diamond jewelries.
  • Open2Go Open2Go 12/02/2010 Quick and clean way to open, store, share URLs/notes in your iphone.

    2pick App

    2pick App 12/02/2010 Your touring party and free good standard price platform (in Chinese).

  • Singapore Movie Showtimes Singapore Movie Showtimes 12/01/2010 Movie listings and showtimes in all Singapore cinemas.
  • GetJam GetJam 12/01/2010 Earn over 20 pounds iTunes credit (UK) every month enjoying the latest viral videos from top brands.
  • Cocktail Recipes (German) Cocktail Recipes (German) 12/01/2010 Cocktail recipes and party planners for your cocktail party (in German).
  • Sitebox Ltd Mobile Sitebox Ltd Mobile 12/01/2010 Sitebox Ltd’s (UK) online tool shop product database.
  • enLegion - Location Coordination enLegion – Location Coordination 12/01/2010 Coordinate members’ movements through map and chat services.
  • Beat Master Beat Master 12/01/2010 The perfect too for DJs and musicians.
  • WeLive GPS WeLive GPS 12/01/2010 Warning signal of radars and disturbances (in French).
  • iPhone Apps released November 2010

    Puck Billiards Puck Billiards | Staff Pick 11/30/2010 Simple billiards game. Flick a puck(ball).


  • Free Calendar Wallpaper for iPhone Free Calendar Wallpaper for iPhone 11/30/2010 Calendar wallpaper formatted for your iPhone’s lock screen.
  • SwipeStudy SwipeStudy 11/30/2010 Flash card study tool with a quick and natural interface.
  • MTV News MTV News 11/30/2010 All MTV channel information in one place.
  • WaterSki Duck WaterSki Duck | Staff Pick 11/30/2010 Just touch the screen to increase the jump and release the finger to fall.
  • Etheks A Christian Community Etheks A Christian Community 11/30/2010 A Christian community to help Christians connect.
  • Vinogusto Vinogusto 11/30/2010 A wine shopping assistant helping you find the right wine for any occasion.
  • CrossPathz CrossPathz 11/30/2010 CrossPathz predicts when friends will cross your path and notifies you in advance so you can arrange to meet.
  • Cardio Workout for iPhone Cardio Workout for iPhone 11/30/2010 Cardio workout.
  • WebSAB WebSAB 11/30/2010 A web application which let you manage your SABnzbd+ server (in Dutch).
  • Indianapps Indianapps 11/30/2010 Helping connect the future green infastructure of Indianapolis.
  • The Car Connection The Car Connection | Staff Pick 11/30/2010 Car Reviews, News, Photos, Videos and all you want to know.


    iDocs | Staff Pick 11/29/2010 An easy way to create your personal or business documents from professional templates.

  • GPS Coordinates GPS Coordinates | Staff Pick 11/29/2010 Do what Maps and Compass can’t and copy your current coordinates to your device’s clipboard and use them anywhere.
  • Noter2 Noter2 | Staff Pick 11/29/2010 Allows you to efficiently and effectively create, edit, prioritize, and manage your notes.
  • Ultimate Thesaurus Ultimate Thesaurus | Staff Pick 11/29/2010 The ultimate iPhone Thesaurus. Enter any word and get synonyms, antonyms, related words and simliar words.
  • GeoMapLookup GeoMapLookup | Staff Pick 11/29/2010 Geolocate your iPhone’s IP or any host, domain or IP address with Maps integration.
  • Basic Microbiology Lab Techniques Basic Microbiology Lab Techniques 11/29/2010 A textbook like app that provides a multimedia, interactive learning environment for students to grasp basic microbiology lab techniques on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Cal Concentration Cal Concentration 11/29/2010 A handy calculator for preparing solutions and buffers.
  • Mila’s Tools - Unit Conversion Calculator Mila’s Tools – Unit Conversion Calculator | Staff Pick 11/29/2010 A free suite of unit conversion calculators including length, time, liquid, temperature, pressure, and weight.
  • Daily Carbs Intake Calculator Daily Carbs Intake Calculator 11/29/2010 Are you getting enough carbs every day to maintain a healthy diet?
  • Runners Calorie Calculator Runners Calorie Calculator 11/29/2010 See how many calories you burn while running. Plug in your weight and the amount of miles you run.
  • Papa John’s Pizza Mobile Web Papa John’s Pizza Mobile Web | Staff Pick 11/29/2010 Let us come to you, wherever you are. The convenience of is now available optimized for your iPhone. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.
  • microNaturo microNaturo 11/29/2010 Read number one manga Naruto online on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Pub Crawler Pub Crawler 11/29/2010 Shows pubs in your vicinity and marks new pubs in red.
  • Free Jyotish Software for Astrologers and Amateurs Free Jyotish Software for Astrologers and Amateurs 11/29/2010 Lets you create and analyze for free different astrological charts, divisional and compatibility charts and dasas.
  • The Digital Guy Radio Show The Digital Guy Radio Show 11/29/2010 Access “The Digital Guy Radio Show” with host Bruce Nazarian.
  • iDreidel iDreidel 11/29/2010 Guides players through the game of dreidel. Use your own physical dreidel or use the virtual one on the application.
  • Boring School Boring School 11/29/2010 Today you are very bored at school, crumples a piece of paper and try to hit the teacher.
  • Ham Radio Callsign Lookup Ham Radio Callsign Lookup 11/29/2010 Look up US Amateur Radio Callsigns.
  • Singapore Next Bus Singapore Next Bus 11/29/2010 Display next bus arrival time in Singapore.
  • Organic Wine Find Organic Wine Find | Staff Pick 11/29/2010 Find organic wines available in local stores.

    XMoo Betting Odds

    XMoo Betting Odds 11/29/2010 Bettings odds for anything bet-able including major sports and novelty events.

  • Free iTrack Lost and Found Registry Free iTrack Lost and Found Registry 11/29/2010 Free lost and found registry for iPhone and iPod owners. Includes downloadable wallpaper ID.
  • iMenorah iMenorah 11/29/2010 A virtual Hanukkah menorah for your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Enterprise Mentor Enterprise Mentor 11/19/2010 2-in-1 customer service and revenue growth program.
  • Red Flowers Red Flowers 11/19/2010 Try to create horizontal lines of red flowers, tap the flowers to change the color.
  • Pizza Recipes Pizza Recipes 11/19/2010 Get pizza recipes straight on to your iPhone.
  • Commodity Markets Commodity Markets 11/19/2010 Get updated data about commodity futures.
  • Wordsearch Puzzles Wordsearch Puzzles | Staff Pick 11/18/2010 A collection of wordsearch puzzles.
  • iQ Mobile Search iQ Mobile Search | Staff Pick 11/18/2010 Use iQ Mobile Search to search popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, Twitter, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, Flickr and more.
  • Price Checker Price Checker 11/18/2010 Calculate the price of your prints (in Dutch and French).
  • Cup O’ Joe Music Edition Lite Cup O’ Joe Music Edition Lite | Staff Pick 11/18/2010 Practice your notes from the treble to bass. Start reading music faster than ever before. Cup O’ Joe Music Edition is the easiest way to learn to sight read music.
  • Discovery Now Discovery Now 11/18/2010 All Discovery Channel news in one place.
  • Australia’s best coffee Australia’s best coffee | Staff Pick 11/18/2010 Best cafes in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and other Australian cities.
  • BibleReading BibleReading | Staff Pick 11/18/2010 BibleReading is a twitter based web application for sharing your Bible notes.
  • Tap Counter Tap Counter 11/18/2010 A handy tap counter for iPhone and iPod touch users.
  • YadaHome - Family Organizer YadaHome – Family Organizer | Staff Pick 11/17/2010 Easily share grocery lists, calendar entries and to do lists with family.
  • #1 Music On This Day #1 Music On This Day 11/17/2010 Number one music album on the day.
  • SmoothGrooves Radio SmoothGrooves Radio 11/17/2010 Enjoy Smooth Jazz on-the-go with Apple iDevices—like an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Christmas pics puzzle Christmas pics puzzle 11/17/2010 Christmas coming soon. Let this enchanting pics puzzle drive you into Christmas magic.
  • Centroid 2 Centroid 2 11/17/2010 The goal of this game is to stack as many blocks as possible.

    CornellCast Mobile

    CornellCast Mobile | Staff Pick 11/17/2010 Videos from Cornell University.

  • bricobravo bricobravo 11/17/2010 A blacksmith shop that sells online thousands of products (in Italian).
  • TheMOV TheMOV 11/17/2010 Get on the MOV. Advice on fitness, health, business, success, and even get certified all online.
  • MassUp MassUp 11/17/2010 Messaging mobile masses. Communications tool for large bicycling events.
  • Kangaroo Tours Kangaroo Tours 11/17/2010 Usefull application for consulting travel tickets, hotels and travel packages available in portuguese language.
  • Learn Writing Chinese Learn Writing Chinese | Staff Pick 11/16/2010 A free tool to help you learn writing Chinese easily on your iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Body Fat Calculator Body Fat Calculator 11/16/2010 Easily calculate your body fat precentage.
  • Pi Calculator Pi Calculator 11/16/2010 Turn your iPhone into an advanced research computing system to calculate Pi.
  • Radio Guide Radio Guide 11/16/2010 Complete guide to radio stations in your area.
  • Star Blast Star Blast | Staff Pick 11/16/2010 A new space mission with dangerous enemies coming from Deep Space is about to start.
  • Meteor rain Meteor rain | Staff Pick 11/16/2010 Shooting game. Tap the meteor.
  • Rok Papr Scsrs Rok Papr Scsrs | Staff Pick 11/16/2010 Play the vintage game of Rock, Paper, Scissors on your iPhone.
  • Skate Duck 2 Skate Duck 2 11/16/2010 Move the duck trough the platforms, avoid the spears and collect the bonus.
  • yongErp: SG ERP Rate ( color code ) yongErp: SG ERP Rate ( color code ) 11/16/2010 Fastest way to check ERP rate in Singapore.
  • Newark Airport Parking Newark Airport Parking 11/16/2010 An application to make free, quick, easy and guaranteed parking lot reservations at off-Newark Airport parking.
  • Car Depreciation Calculator Car Depreciation Calculator | Staff Pick 11/12/2010 Do you know how much will your car be worth in a few years?
  • Gainers Today Gainers Today 11/12/2010 A financial web site that provides stock market recommendations made by professional stock research companies.
  • Demo Restaurant App Demo Restaurant App 11/12/2010 Sample app to show a real example of what your restaurant’s app will look like.
  • 8 queens problem 8 queens problem 11/12/2010 Solve the eight queens problem by placing all the queens in such a way that no two ones attack each other.
  • Solitaire Solitaire 11/12/2010 Classic Solitaire in both Landscape and Portrait modes.

    View web app

    Treasure Cube

    Treasure Cube 11/12/2010 Escape from the room to get more treasure.

  • Math Pop 2 Math Pop 2 11/12/2010 This addicting game will test your reflexes and your math skills.
  • 3G Speed - EDGE/3G/WiFi Speed Test 3G Speed – EDGE/3G/WiFi Speed Test 11/12/2010 Measure your Internet connection anytime with this great web app.
  • Reader Reader | Staff Pick 11/11/2010 Your iPhone is now the most advanced fully featured portable offline eBook reader.
  • Noter2 Lite Noter2 Lite | Staff Pick 11/11/2010 Allows you to efficiently and effectively create, edit, prioritize, and manage your notes.
  • Functional Group Functional Group | Staff Pick 11/11/2010 A handy reference of functional groups in organic chemistry and biochemistry.
  • HiFutureSelf Web HiFutureSelf Web 11/11/2010 Be a productivity master. Send messages and reminders to your future self.
  • Calorie Calculator Calorie Calculator 11/11/2010 Calculate the daily calories required to achieve your weight goal.
  • EzUbi : Personal Media Center EzUbi : Personal Media Center 11/11/2010 An online personal media center on which you can store , stream and share your photos, music, movies, documents and bookmarks.
  • RadioFeeds UK Background Player RadioFeeds UK Background Player 11/11/2010 Listen to UK radio stations in the background.
  • NFL Today NFL Today 11/11/2010 All the news from NFL in one place.
  • xTreme Sports Picks xTreme Sports Picks 11/11/2010 Sports picks from your favorite sports.
  • Suck! Clothing web-app Suck! Clothing web-app 11/10/2010 Web app of the Suck! Clothing official website.
  • RocketRoute RocketRoute 11/10/2010 The new standard for fast, simple and convenient flight planning in Europe- saving you time and money.
  • MedlinePlus Mobile MedlinePlus Mobile | Staff Pick 11/10/2010 Health information in English and Spanish. 800+ disease and wellness topics, health news, medical encyclopedia, dictionary, drugs and supplements information.
  • Mind Your Business Mind Your Business | Staff Pick 11/09/2010 Take your business with you – at home, the office, salon, or on the road.
  • Astrogator Astrogator 11/09/2010 Astrogator is a cosmic aggregation of various horoscopes.
  • Lladro Porcelains Eli y Ana Catalog Lladro Porcelains Eli y Ana Catalog 11/09/2010 Do not miss now the chance of having the finest new LLadro porcelains by purchasing from your own home.
  • KARATE road KARATE road | Staff Pick 11/08/2010 Karate battle action game. Attack by tap. - Short your URLs – Short your URLs 11/08/2010 Shorten your URLs easy and fast (in German).

  • Mila’s Tools Mila’s Tools | Staff Pick 11/08/2010 A free suite of unit conversion calculators including length, time, liquid, temperature, and weight.

  • Prisoners On Earth - Black Hole Experiments - Album MiniSite Prisoners On Earth – Black Hole Experiments – Album MiniSite 11/08/2010 Minisite for the album Black Hole Experiments by Prisoners On Earth.

  • Fruit Catch Fruit Catch 11/08/2010 Test your skills with this fruit catching game.

  • Local Gas Prices Local Gas Prices 11/08/2010 Valuable information for the frugal kind.

  • Nativityapp Nativityapp 11/05/2010 For the Christmas story, Christmas carols and Christmas fun.

  • Geo Trivia Trip Geo Trivia Trip 11/05/2010 Enjoy this fun Geo Trivia and challenge your friends.

  • Black Birds Black Birds 11/05/2010 Stop the evil black birds from reaching the bottom side.

  • Mobile version of Cornell University home page Mobile version of Cornell University home page | Staff Pick 11/05/2010 Mobile version of Cornell University home page.

  • Color Text Color Text 11/04/2010 A web based rich text editor helps you to create a colorful text and publish it via email.

  • BrosBook BrosBook 11/04/2010 Connect with your Bros like never before on BrosBook.

  • Rule of Three calculator Rule of Three calculator 11/04/2010 Rule of Three calculator (inverse, direct and complex r3s).

  • Stripr Stripr | Staff Pick 11/03/2010 An amazing webapp that allows you to access all of your favorite comics in one convenient place, offline.

  • ParkingAssistant ParkingAssistant 11/03/2010 Shows parking lots in your vicinity.

  • Y! Friend Check Y! Friend Check 11/03/2010 Portable Y! friend status checker.

  • iCalorie iCalorie 11/03/2010 A tool to calculate calories burned during various exercises.

  • ISS Rapid Locator ISS Rapid Locator 11/03/2010 A real-time position tracker of the International Space Station.

  • Real Time Translator Real Time Translator 11/03/2010 Real-time translator. 40 language proficiency. Easy and fast.

  • Cambrian worm Cambrian worm | Staff Pick 11/02/2010 Game of drawn operation. Don’t cross.

  • World Weather World Weather | Staff Pick 11/02/2010 offers you local weather forecasts, maps and current conditions for your favorite locations world wide.

  • Free Calendar Wallpaper for iPhone Free Calendar Wallpaper for iPhone 11/02/2010 Calendar wallpaper formatted for your iPhone’s lock screen.

  • MEDNET Surgical Center & Medical Inventory Management App MEDNET Surgical Center & Medical Inventory Management App | Staff Pick 11/02/2010 Surgical center management app.

  • WordRival WordRival 11/02/2010 Multiplayer word game.

  • MAC Address Lookup MAC Address Lookup 11/02/2010 Find the company or vendor that manufactured the device.

  • 4G Speed - Internet Speed Test 4G Speed – Internet Speed Test 11/02/2010 Curious about your internet connection? Measure your network connection with this free utility.